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Information regarding definitions of terms and column headings used in the far.

Calendar Types

Regular Calendar (Senate)
List of general bills to be heard on the Floor for the day
Floor Calendar (House)
List of general bills to be heard on the Floor for the day
Dispute Calendar (Senate)
List of bills in which the chambers don’t agree
Concurrence Calendar (Senate)
List of bills in which the chambers agree
Concurrence/Dispute Calendar (House)
Combined lists of bills in which the chambers either agree or don’t agree
Conference Calendar (House/Senate)
When House/Senate can’t come to an agreement a conference committee is created to resolve the issue. This calendar contains the bills considered by the Conference Committee.
Gubernatorial Calendar (Senate)
List of gubernatorial appointments
Suspension Calendar (House)
List of bills which will have little or no debate and if there are amendments, they are small and technical.
Consent Calendar (Senate)
List of bills which will have little or no debate and if there are amendments, they are small and technical.
Order of Consideration (House/Senate)
List of bills shown in the order that they are considered on the House/Senate floor

Flag Abbreviations and Other Symbols

Flag Abbreviations and Other Symbols
Abbreviation Description
a Amended
$ Appropriations bill
f State fiscal note
d Department sponsor
e Governor sponsor
b Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee (JLARC) sponsor
o Other sponsor
# Local fiscal note
c Companion bill
A (next to bill #) Floor amendment
C (next to bill #) Committee amendment

Calendar and Chamber Activity categories in the FAR

Calendar and Chamber Activity categories in the FAR
Calendar for current bills
The calendar that contains the bill currently being debated on the Floor (this may not reflect today’s date, as calendars can be reused for multiple days)
Selected calendar
The calendar you selected to view from the FAR
Current Chamber Activity
House/Senate Display Boards, the bill currently on the floor, and the bill to be discussed next (if it has been specified)
Current working calendars
The active version of all calendars for the current day
Previous Calendars
Calendars that were previously displayed in the FAR


This is the order in which bills were put onto the calendar from the Rules Committee
Added to List
Date that a bill was added to the Floor Activity Report
Special notations about a bill (see legend)
Applicable reading of the bill:
1st reading: Bill Introduction
2nd reading: Floor discussion
3rd reading: Floor vote on final passage
NOTE: 2nd and 3rd readings may be combined for a bill
Description of the bill
Chair=Chair of the committee to which the bill is introduced; Sponsor=Prime sponsor of bill
In the Senate, this refers to which page in the printed calendar the bill report appears.
Floor Action
How the chamber voted on the bill—click the link to view the roll call
Action Date
Date roll call was taken on the bill
Committee Info
Abbreviated actions taken by a committee e.g., CB DPS11 means that a substitute of the bill (DPS) was passed by eleven members of the Capital Budget (CB) committee
Go to Help with Abbreviations to view descriptions of other legislative acronyms, such as committees, sponsors, and bill versions.
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Your selected calendar
Regular Calendar for 2/9/2018
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CO* Note Vote Amd Bill No. Flag Rdg Description Chair/Sponsor Page Floor Action Action Date
1VoteSB 60892ndState gen. obligation bondsRolfes/Frockt3
2VoteASB 5155f 2ndK-2 suspension and expulsionWellman/Billig5
3VoteAESSB 5588f 2ndRacial disproportionalityRolfes/Hasegawa846-1-0-22/10
4VoteASSB 57002ndLong-term care/LGBTQ needsCleveland/Ranker102/10
5VoteSB 6088c2ndEmployee recognition awardsTakko/Takko12
6VoteSB 51812ndLong-term care/monitoringCleveland/Bailey14
7VoteASB 5731f 2ndHigh school equiv. testsRanker/Chase15
8VoteSSB 56343rdRetail theft/aggregationPedersen/Padden17
9VoteSB 59402ndHanford/occupational diseaseKeiser/Keiser19
10VoteAHCR 44132ndSexual harassment task forceTarleton,Fitzgibbon0
11VoteSB 6368f # c2ndFairs, youth shows, & exposChase/Warnick22
12VoteAESSB 51803rdAdvisory committee on agingCleveland/Bailey23
13VoteSB 5493f c2ndPrevailing rate of wageKeiser/Conway25
14VoteSB 61912ndPresidential elector oathHunt/Kuderer27
15VoteSB 5408c2ndTenancy termination noticesMullet/Cleveland28
16VoteSB 5492f c2ndResponsible bidder criteriaKeiser/Conway30
17VoteSSB 5443f 3rdFiscal notesRolfes/Brown32
18VoteSB 5213f 2ndLegal tech. fees/DV casesPedersen/Wilson3445-0-1-32/9
19VoteSB 5140f # 2ndEqual pay and opportunitiesKeiser/Cleveland35
20VoteSSB 6294f 2ndLow-income dev. impact feesTakko/Kuderer4044-2-0-32/9
21VoteSB 6058f # c2ndWrite-in votingHunt/Hunt41
22VoteSB 6181c2ndHunting & fishing/veteransVan De Wege/Bailey43
23VoteSB 6406f 2ndI-200 repealHunt/Chase45
24VoteASB 6140a d f 2ndState land managementVan De Wege/King48
25VoteSB 6231f c2ndUnfair labor practices SOLKeiser/Kuderer5027-20-0-22/9
26VoteASB 5328f # 2ndAviation revitalization brdRolfes/Honeyford51
27VoteSB 5020f 2ndState diversity commissionsHunt/Hasegawa53
28VoteASB 5744f 2ndMail order Rx drug coverageCleveland/Kuderer55
29VoteASB 6087f 2ndCollege savings programsRanker/Mullet57
30VoteSB 6113f c2ndAdult family homes/priorityCleveland/Bailey59
31VoteASB 6229f c2ndBargaining rep. accessKeiser/Van De Wege60
32VoteASB 6230f # 2ndPort district prof personnelKeiser/Conway62
33VoteSB 6234f c2ndCarrier network companiesCarlyle/Palumbo63
34VoteASB 6296f c2ndDeduction of union duesKeiser/Saldaña65
35VoteSB 6354f # 2ndFerry capital improve. fundsHobbs/Ericksen67
36VoteSB 6298f 2ndDV harassment/firearmsPedersen/Dhingra6934-13-0-22/9
37VoteSB 6371f # c2ndHousing finance commissionMullet/Mullet7144-2-1-22/9
38VoteSB 5667f 2ndOff-duty employee conductKeiser/Kuderer73
39VoteASB 6135f c2ndAcademic acceleration prg.Wellman/Wellman75
40VoteSB 6438f # c2ndVehicle service transactionsHobbs/King78
41VoteASB 60793rdPublic employee birth datesHunt/Kuderer7925-22-0-22/10
42VoteSSB 6399f 2ndTelemedicine payment parityCleveland/Becker8147-0-0-22/9
43VoteSB 5182f # 2ndAffordable housing optionsDarneille/Fain83
44VoteSB 6367c2ndIndustrial wastewater facilsCarlyle/Honeyford88
45VoteSB 6024f c2ndDFI securities division feesMullet/Mullet8946-0-0-32/9
46VoteSB 5310f 2ndRetired teachers/coachesRolfes/Hunt90
47VoteASB 6550f # 2ndJuvenile offense diversionDarneille/Darneille92
48VoteSSB 5725# 3rdPublic facilities mitigationTakko/Hasegawa95
49VoteSSB 6175f # 2ndCommon interest ownershipMullet/Pedersen9635-12-0-22/10
50VoteASB 6034c2ndPUD retail telecom. serviceCarlyle/Rolfes101
51VoteASB 6582f 2ndHigher ed./criminal historyRanker/Chase103
52VoteAESSB 51082ndPolitical committeesHunt/Billig10529-18-0-22/9
53VoteSB 6293f # 2ndDeferred prosec./nonpaymentHobbs/Wilson108
54VoteASB 6387c2ndChild interview recordingsDarneille/Cleveland109
55VoteSSB 6214f 2ndPTSD/law enf. & firefightersKeiser/Conway11247-0-0-22/9
56VoteSSB 59442ndRental car negl. entrustmentPedersen/Becker11546-1-0-22/9
57VoteSB 6292f 2ndDV electronic monitoringPedersen/Wilson11746-0-0-32/9
58VoteSB 6055f # 2ndApple maggot/outdoor burningCarlyle/Hawkins119
59VoteASB 5450f 2ndMass timber for buildingTakko/Liias122
60VoteSB 5249f # 2ndDamages for wage theftKeiser/Keiser123
61VoteAESSB 5307f # 2ndTotal confinement altern.Darneille/Darneille12546-1-0-22/9
62VoteSB 5586f 2ndRx drug cost transparencyCleveland/Ranker129
63VoteA2SSB 6015c2ndWrongful injury or deathPedersen/Hasegawa13426-21-0-22/9
64VoteAESSB 6109f # 2ndWildland Urban InterfaceHunt/Van De Wege14034-12-1-22/9
65VoteSB 61522ndRoad vacation/body of waterTakko/Rivers143
66VoteASB 6199f c3rdIndividual provider admin.Cleveland/Cleveland14526-21-0-22/10
67VoteAE3SSB 6353f # c2ndAutomatic voter registrationHunt/Hunt15034-13-0-22/10
68VoteA2SHB 1506f 2ndWorkplaces/gender pay equityKeiser/LAWS(Senn)156
69VoteAE2SSB 5407c2ndHousing/source of incomeMullet/Frockt16033-14-0-22/9
70VoteASB 5525f c3rdHigher ed./veteran healthRanker/Wilson165
71VoteSB 5539f # 2ndMotor vehicle felonies pilotPedersen/Billig167
72VoteSB 5614f # 3rdDiversion agreementsDarneille/Darneille171
73VoteSSB 5746f c2ndAssociation of WA generalsHunt/Kuderer17345-0-0-42/10
74VoteASB 5955f # 2ndMVET collectionHobbs/Kuderer176
75VoteSB 6025f # 2ndTherapeutic courtsPedersen/Dhingra180
76VoteSSB 6066c2ndTow trucks/cell phone useHobbs/Liias18329-18-0-22/9
77VoteSB 6147f c2ndContinuity of care/Rx insur.Cleveland/Rivers185
78VoteASB 6162f c2ndDyslexiaWellman/Zeiger188
79VoteSB 6184f c2ndCivil service/part-time emplKeiser/Wellman193
80VoteSSB 6195f 2ndSignificant transp. projectsHobbs/Cleveland19541-6-0-22/9
81VoteASB 6236$ f 2ndEconomic growth commissionChase/Chase197
82VoteASB 6241f c2ndSchool employees' benefitsRolfes/Hobbs200
83Vote2SSB 6245f 2ndSpoken language interpretersKeiser/Saldaña20331-16-0-22/9
84VoteSB 6252f c2ndTemporary elevator licensesKeiser/King20647-0-0-22/9
85VoteSB 6264f 2ndHigher ed. contracts/ESDRanker/Ranker208
86VoteSB 6297f # 2ndIncomp. for trial/firearmsPedersen/Dhingra209
87VoteASB 6329c2ndPort district contractingTakko/Takko212
88VoteASB 6386f c2ndAg. fair funding/sales taxesVan De Wege/Warnick213
89VoteAESSB 6413f # c2ndFirefighting/toxic chemicalsCarlyle/Van De Wege21639-8-0-22/10
90VoteAESSB 6434c2ndElectric-assisted bicyclesHobbs/Rolfes21944-2-0-32/9
91VoteSSB 6452f 2ndChild mental health consultDarneille/Brown22147-0-0-22/10
92VoteSSB 6544$ f 2ndFuture of work task forceChase/Chase22436-11-0-22/9
93VoteASB 6573f 2ndManaged care/psyc. treatmentDarneille/O'Ban227
94VoteSB 63632ndRail line/Milwaukee RoadHobbs/Chase231
95VoteASB 6102f c2ndEmployee reproductive healthCleveland/Ranker232
96VoteSB 6188f # c2ndPeace officer discipliningPedersen/Dhingra23541-6-0-22/9
97VoteASB 6187f # 2ndTransp. electrificationCarlyle/Palumbo237
98VoteSSB 6566f c2ndJuvenile offensesDarneille/Dhingra23931-16-0-22/10
99VoteAE4SSB 5251f c2ndTourism marketingChase/Takko24247-0-0-22/10
100VoteSB 5387f c2ndHydrolysis of human remainsKeiser/Pedersen246
101VoteA2SSB 5935f # 2ndBroadband & telecomm serviceCarlyle/Sheldon2482/10
102VoteSB 59672nd529 college savings programsRanker/Wilson256
103VoteSB 65262ndNoncompetition agreementsKeiser/Conway258
104VoteSB 6340f c2ndPERS/TRS 1 benefit increaseRolfes/Conway260
105VoteSSB 6437$ f # c2ndAbandoned RV disposalHobbs/King26241-4-0-42/10
106VoteSB 5970c2ndCrisis intervention pilotPedersen/Frockt264
107VoteASB 6137f c2ndVehicle manuf. & dealersKeiser/Conway267
108VoteASB 6491f 2ndOutpatient behavioral healthDarneille/O'Ban271
109VoteSB 6460f c2ndSchool libraries and ITWellman/Fain275
110VoteSSB 54533rdSchool construction grantsRolfes/Honeyford276
111VoteASB 6486f 2ndRegistered apprenticeshipsRanker/Ranker278
112VoteASB 6587f # 2ndLocal taxing districtsTakko/Hasegawa282
113VoteSB 6309f # c2ndFamily assessment responseDarneille/Darneille284
114VoteASB 6529f 2ndPesticides/ag. workersKeiser/Saldaña287
115VoteASB 6424f c2ndElectric & nat gas companiesCarlyle/Carlyle291
116VoteASB 5513f c2ndTax exemptionsRolfes/Frockt295
117VoteSB 6549f 2ndDisabled children/dentistryCleveland/Rolfes298
118VoteSB 5399f # 3rdBackground checksDarneille/O'Ban300
119VoteASSB 60062ndGovernor's emergency powersHunt/Zeiger3022/9
120VoteSB 5576f c2ndApprenticeship utilizationKeiser/Keiser305
121VoteSB 6251f # c2ndSr's, disab. vets/prop tx exRolfes/Dhingra309
122VoteSB 6453f c2ndKinship caregiver legal suppDarneille/King312
123VoteSB 6273f 2ndCharity careCleveland/Cleveland315
124VoteASB 6081f # 2ndDistributed generationCarlyle/Palumbo317
125VoteSB 6111f c2ndVulnerable adults/"willful"Darneille/Wilson320
126VoteSSB 6347f # 2ndUrban centers/multiple-unitsChase/Wagoner32143-4-0-22/9
127VoteSB 63602ndSpecial ed. transition planDarneille/O'Ban324
128VoteSB 6041f c2ndCivil legal aidPedersen/Pedersen329
* CO = Calendar Order. This is the order in which bills were put onto the calendar from the Rules Committee
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