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Information regarding definitions of terms and column headings used in the far.

Calendar Types

Regular Calendar (Senate)
List of general bills to be heard on the Floor for the day
Floor Calendar (House)
List of general bills to be heard on the Floor for the day
Dispute Calendar (Senate)
List of bills in which the chambers don’t agree
Concurrence Calendar (Senate)
List of bills in which the chambers agree
Concurrence/Dispute Calendar (House)
Combined lists of bills in which the chambers either agree or don’t agree
Conference Calendar (House/Senate)
When House/Senate can’t come to an agreement a conference committee is created to resolve the issue. This calendar contains the bills considered by the Conference Committee.
Gubernatorial Calendar (Senate)
List of gubernatorial appointments
Suspension Calendar (House)
List of bills which will have little or no debate and if there are amendments, they are small and technical.
Consent Calendar (Senate)
List of bills which will have little or no debate and if there are amendments, they are small and technical.
Order of Consideration (House/Senate)
List of bills shown in the order that they are considered on the House/Senate floor

Flag Abbreviations and Other Symbols

Flag Abbreviations and Other Symbols
Abbreviation Description
a Amended
$ Appropriations bill
f State fiscal note
d Department sponsor
e Governor sponsor
b Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee (JLARC) sponsor
o Other sponsor
# Local fiscal note
c Companion bill
A (next to bill #) Floor amendment
C (next to bill #) Committee amendment

Calendar and Chamber Activity categories in the FAR

Calendar and Chamber Activity categories in the FAR
Calendar for current bills
The calendar that contains the bill currently being debated on the Floor (this may not reflect today’s date, as calendars can be reused for multiple days)
Selected calendar
The calendar you selected to view from the FAR
Current Chamber Activity
House/Senate Display Boards, the bill currently on the floor, and the bill to be discussed next (if it has been specified)
Current working calendars
The active version of all calendars for the current day
Previous Calendars
Calendars that were previously displayed in the FAR


This is the order in which bills were put onto the calendar from the Rules Committee
Added to List
Date that a bill was added to the Floor Activity Report
Special notations about a bill (see legend)
Applicable reading of the bill:
1st reading: Bill Introduction
2nd reading: Floor discussion
3rd reading: Floor vote on final passage
NOTE: 2nd and 3rd readings may be combined for a bill
Description of the bill
Chair=Chair of the committee to which the bill is introduced; Sponsor=Prime sponsor of bill
In the Senate, this refers to which page in the printed calendar the bill report appears.
Floor Action
How the chamber voted on the bill—click the link to view the roll call
Action Date
Date roll call was taken on the bill
Committee Info
Abbreviated actions taken by a committee e.g., CB DPS11 means that a substitute of the bill (DPS) was passed by eleven members of the Capital Budget (CB) committee
Go to Help with Abbreviations to view descriptions of other legislative acronyms, such as committees, sponsors, and bill versions.
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Your selected calendar
Floor Calendar for 2/24/2021
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CO Note Vote Amd Added to List Bill No. Flag Rdg Description Sponsor Committee Info Floor Action Action Date
Order of Consideration
1Vote2/17/2021SHB 1331f # 2ndEarly learning impact feesHarris-Talley,SennLG DPS673-25-0-02/24
2Vote2/17/2021SHB 1383f 2ndRespiratory careTaylor,StonierHCW DPS1498-0-0-02/24
3VoteA2/17/2021SHB 1078f # c2ndVoter eligibility/felonySimmons,YoungSGOV DPS4 DNP32/24
1Vote2/17/2021HB 1016f # 2ndJuneteenthMorgan,LovickAPP DPS32 w/oRec1
2Vote2/17/2021HB 1031f # c2ndBirth cert., stillbirthWalen,ValdezHCW DP15
3Vote2/17/2021HB 1054f # 2ndPeace officer tactics, equipJohnson, J.,EntenmanPS DPS8 DNP4 w/oRec1
4VoteA2/17/2021ESHB 10682ndElection security/PRADolan,ValdezSGOV DPS4 DNP2 w/oRec161-37-0-02/24
5VoteA2/17/2021SHB 1078f # c2ndVoter eligibility/felonySimmons,YoungSGOV DPS4 DNP32/24
6VoteA2/17/2021HB 1114f # 2ndUrban heat island mitigationDye,RamelENVI DPS12
7Vote2/17/2021HB 1122f 2ndState guard retirement ageLovick,KlippertHHSV DP9
8Vote2/17/2021SHB 1129f # 2ndInternational medical gradsValdez,StonierHCW DPS13 DNP294-4-0-02/24
9Vote2/17/2021HB 1143f 2ndTrust water rights programRude,KlickerRDAN DP1598-0-0-02/24
10Vote2/17/2021HB 1145f 2ndCarryout bags/nonwood fiberRudeENVI DPS13
11Vote2/17/2021HB 1151f 2ndPublic assistanceLeavitt,ShewmakeAPP DPS(HHSV)31 w/oRec2
12Vote2/17/2021HB 1166f 2ndCollege students pilotLeavitt,CaldierAPP DPS21 DNP7 w/oRec5
13VoteA2/17/2021ESHB 1176f 2ndStudent fines and feesPaul,BoehnkeED DPS7 DNP5 w/oRec177-20-0-12/24
14VoteA2/17/2021ESHB 1196f c2ndAudio-only telemedicineRiccelli,CallanHCW DPS11 w/oRec3 DNP194-3-0-12/24
15Vote2/17/2021HB 1262f # 2ndOfficer background checksKlippert,ChasePS DP11 DNP1
16VoteA2/17/2021HB 1271f # 2ndCounty officials/continuityOrwall,GoehnerLG DP7
17Vote2/17/2021HB 1294f # 2ndMisdemeanant supervisionGoodman,DavisCRJ DPS16
18Vote2/17/2021HB 1309f # 2ndLevy certification datesEslick,RamelFIN DPS17
19Vote2/17/2021SHB 1331f # 2ndEarly learning impact feesHarris-Talley,SennLG DPS673-25-0-02/24
20Vote2/17/2021HB 1373f 2ndBehavioral health/studentsCallan,SteeleED DPS11 w/oRec2
21Vote2/17/2021SHB 1383f 2ndRespiratory careTaylor,StonierHCW DPS1498-0-0-02/24
22VoteA2/17/2021HB 1411f 2ndHealth care workforceSimmons,DavisHCW DPS11 w/oRec2 DNP1
23Vote2/17/2021HB 14372ndVessel crewmember licenseMacEwen,EslickRDAN DP14
24Vote2/17/2021HB 1472f 2ndStudent ach council/graduateSlatter,Ortiz-SelfCWD DPS7 DNP5 w/oRec1
25Vote2/17/2021HB 14822ndCommon interest/foreclosureWalsh,OrwallCRJ DP17
26Vote2/18/2021HB 1096f 2ndNonmedicare plansSchmick,CodyAPP DP31 w/oRec296-0-1-12/24
27Vote2/23/2021HB 1022f 2ndHorse racing commissionMacEwen,KlobaAPP DP33
28Vote2/23/2021HB 1023f 2ndPredesign requirementsSteele,TharingerCB DP23
29Vote2/23/2021HB 1028f 2ndResidency teacher cert.Bergquist,McCaslinAPP DP2S(w/o sub ED)33
30Vote2/23/2021HB 1030f c2ndAviation revital. loan prgDent,SpringerCB DP23
31Vote2/23/2021HB 1041f 2ndSunshine committee/juvenilesSpringer,CodySGOV DPS7
32Vote2/23/2021HB 1044f 2ndPrison to postsecondary ed.Leavitt,SimmonsAPP DP2S(w/o sub CWD)31 w/oRec2
33VoteA2/23/2021HB 1069f # 2ndLocal gov fiscal flexibilityPollet,DuerrFIN DP2S(w/o sub LG)10 DNP5 w/oRec1
34VoteA2/23/2021HB 1070f # 2ndHousing/local tax revenueRyu,MacriFIN DPS10 DNP5 w/oRec1
35VoteA2/23/2021HB 10832ndRelocation assistanceGregerson,PetersonAPP DP2S(w/o sub HHSV)19 DNP8 w/oRec6
36Vote2/23/2021HB 1091f # c2ndTransportation fuel/carbonFitzgibbon,SlatterTR DP3S(w/o sub APP)17 DNP11 w/oRec1
37Vote2/23/2021HB 1104f 2ndMortgage lending fraud acctRyu,KlobaAPP DP33
38Vote2/23/2021HB 1107f 2ndNonresident vessel permitsChapman,BarkisTR DPS29
39Vote2/23/2021HB 1148f 2ndAcute care hospitalsCody,MacriAPP DP2S(w/o sub HCW)25 w/oRec8
40Vote2/23/2021HB 1155f # 2ndEmergency comm. sales taxRiccelli,OrmsbyFIN DPS10 DNP5
41Vote2/23/2021HB 1162f 2ndHigh school graduationStonier,HarrisED DPS7 w/oRec4 DNP2
42Vote2/23/2021HB 1170f 2ndManufacturingBoehnke,PaulAPP DPS(CED)33
43Vote2/23/2021HB 1173f # 2ndState lands development authBerry,FrameCB DP2S(w/o sub CED)14 DNP9
44VoteA2/23/2021HB 1184f # c2ndRisk-based water standardsDuerr,RamelLG DPS7
45Vote2/23/2021HB 1189f # c2ndTax increment financingDuerr,BoehnkeFIN DPS13 w/oRec2 DNP1
46VoteA2/23/2021HB 1194f 2ndParent-child visitationOrtiz-Self,SennAPP DP2S(w/o sub CYF)31 w/oRec1 DNP1
47Vote2/23/2021HB 1213c2ndChild care & early dev. exp.Senn,ChoppAPP DP2S(w/o sub CYF)24 DNP7 w/oRec2
48Vote2/23/2021HB 1225f 2ndSchool-based health centersStonier,BatemanAPP DPS(HCW)21 w/oRec8 DNP3
49Vote2/23/2021HB 1232f # 2ndGMA/affordable housing plansBarkis,GriffeyLG DPS7
50Vote2/23/2021HB 1250f 2ndPurple heart stateOrcutt,RyuSGOV DPS7
51Vote2/23/2021HB 1259f 2ndWomen & minority contractingSantos,DolanAPP DPS22 w/oRec9 DNP1
52Vote2/23/2021HB 1272f # 2ndHealth system transparencyMacri,CodyAPP DP2S(w/o sub HWC)20 DNP11 w/oRec1
53Vote2/23/2021HB 1273f c2ndMenstrual products/schoolsBerg,CaldierAPP DPS32 w/oRec1
54Vote2/23/2021HB 1289f 2ndWinery workforce developmentChambers,KlobaCOG DP9
55Vote2/23/2021HB 1295f 2ndInstitutional ed./releaseCallan,EslickAPP DP2S(w/o sub ED)33
56Vote2/23/2021HB 1325f 2ndBehavioral health/youthCallan,EslickAPP DP2S(w/o sub CYF)30 w/oRec3
57VoteA2/23/2021HB 1326f # 2ndCoroners & medical examinersLekanoff,GoodmanLG DPS4 DNP3
58Vote2/23/2021HB 1332f # c2ndProperty tax deferral/COVIDSullivan,RamelFIN DPS16
59Vote2/23/2021HB 1359f 2ndLiquor license feesStonier,MacEwenAPP DP2S(w/o sub COG)32
60Vote2/23/2021HB 1363f 2ndSecondary trauma/K-12Ortiz-Self,CallanED DPS7 DNP3 w/oRec3
61Vote2/23/2021HB 1366f 2ndIn-person instructionCaldier,ChaseED DPS13
62Vote2/23/2021HB 1372f c2ndStatuary hall/Billy Frank JrLekanoff,ShewmakeAPP DPS(SGOV)29 w/oRec3 DNP1
63Vote2/23/2021HB 1391f c2ndPublic works/biddingGoehner,SennCB DPS23
64Vote2/23/2021HB 1425f 2ndCTC student scholarshipsTaylor,LeavittCWD DPS13
65Vote2/23/2021HB 1426f 2ndK-12 continuing ed./equitySantos,LekanoffED DPS9 DNP4
66Vote2/23/2021HB 1455f 2ndSocial security/L&I & ESDMosbrucker,BoehnkeLAWS DPS7
67VoteA2/23/2021HB 1480f c2ndLiquor licensee privilegesMacEwen,KlobaAPP DP2S(w/o sub COG)27 DNP4 w/oRec1
68Vote2/23/2021HB 1491f 2ndTransport of timber, etc.Orcutt,FitzgibbonRDAN DP14
69Vote2/23/2021HB 1492f c2ndUnempl. extended benefitsSells,MacriLAWS DPS7
70Vote2/23/2021HB 1493f c2ndJob search monitoringSells,BerryLAWS DPS7
71Vote2/23/2021HB 1508f 2ndShellfish sanitary controlChapman,PolletRDAN DPS14
* CO = Calendar Order. This is the order in which bills were put onto the calendar from the Rules Committee
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