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Floor Activity Report (FAR) Help
Information regarding definitions of terms and column headings used in the far.

Calendar Types

Regular Calendar (Senate)
List of general bills to be heard on the Floor for the day
Floor Calendar (House)
List of general bills to be heard on the Floor for the day
Dispute Calendar (Senate)
List of bills in which the chambers don’t agree
Concurrence Calendar (Senate)
List of bills in which the chambers agree
Concurrence/Dispute Calendar (House)
Combined lists of bills in which the chambers either agree or don’t agree
Conference Calendar (House/Senate)
When House/Senate can’t come to an agreement a conference committee is created to resolve the issue. This calendar contains the bills considered by the Conference Committee.
Gubernatorial Calendar (Senate)
List of gubernatorial appointments
Suspension Calendar (House)
List of bills which will have little or no debate and if there are amendments, they are small and technical.
Consent Calendar (Senate)
List of bills which will have little or no debate and if there are amendments, they are small and technical.
Order of Consideration (House/Senate)
List of bills shown in the order that they are considered on the House/Senate floor

Flag Abbreviations and Other Symbols

Flag Abbreviations and Other Symbols
Abbreviation Description
a Amended
$ Appropriations bill
f State fiscal note
d Department sponsor
e Governor sponsor
b Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee (JLARC) sponsor
o Other sponsor
# Local fiscal note
c Companion bill
A (next to bill #) Floor amendment
C (next to bill #) Committee amendment

Calendar and Chamber Activity categories in the FAR

Calendar and Chamber Activity categories in the FAR
Calendar for current bills
The calendar that contains the bill currently being debated on the Floor (this may not reflect today’s date, as calendars can be reused for multiple days)
Selected calendar
The calendar you selected to view from the FAR
Current Chamber Activity
House/Senate Display Boards, the bill currently on the floor, and the bill to be discussed next (if it has been specified)
Current working calendars
The active version of all calendars for the current day
Previous Calendars
Calendars that were previously displayed in the FAR


This is the order in which bills were put onto the calendar from the Rules Committee
Added to List
Date that a bill was added to the Floor Activity Report
Special notations about a bill (see legend)
Applicable reading of the bill:
1st reading: Bill Introduction
2nd reading: Floor discussion
3rd reading: Floor vote on final passage
NOTE: 2nd and 3rd readings may be combined for a bill
Description of the bill
Chair=Chair of the committee to which the bill is introduced; Sponsor=Prime sponsor of bill
In the Senate, this refers to which page in the printed calendar the bill report appears.
Floor Action
How the chamber voted on the bill—click the link to view the roll call
Action Date
Date roll call was taken on the bill
Committee Info
Abbreviated actions taken by a committee e.g., CB DPS11 means that a substitute of the bill (DPS) was passed by eleven members of the Capital Budget (CB) committee
Go to Help with Abbreviations to view descriptions of other legislative acronyms, such as committees, sponsors, and bill versions.
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Floor Calendar for 4/12/2019
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CO Note Vote Amd Added to List Bill No. Flag Rdg Description Sponsor Committee Info Floor Action Action Date
Order of Consideration
1VoteA4/11/20192SSB 58002ndHomeless college studentsRandallAPP DPA22 DNP9 w/oRec157-38-0-34/12
2VoteA4/11/2019E2SSB 5432f # 2ndBehavioral health, integrateDhingraAPP DPA(HCW)3295-0-0-34/12
3VoteA4/11/2019SSB 50632ndBallots, prepaid postageNguyenAPP DPA(APP w/o SGOV)31 DNP183-10-0-54/12
4VoteA4/10/2019E2SSB 5223f # 2ndElectrical net meteringPalumboENVI DPA7 DNP355-40-0-34/12
5VoteA4/11/2019SSB 5106f 2ndNatural disaster mitigationDasAPP DPA(APP w/o HOUS)3295-0-0-34/12
6Vote4/11/2019ESSB 5332f # 2ndVital statisticsPedersenAPP DP28 DNP479-16-0-34/12
7Vote4/11/2019SB 5000f c2ndVeterinarians/HEALWAPalumboAPP DP3295-0-0-34/12
8VoteA4/8/2019ESB 5887f 2ndPrior authorizationShortHCW DPA1395-0-0-34/12
9VoteA4/11/2019ESB 5429f # c2ndReferred and diverted youthNguyenAPP DPA(HSEL)3294-0-0-44/12
10Vote3/29/2019SSB 5471f 2ndElevatorsKingLAWS DP794-0-0-44/12
11Vote4/8/2019SB 5641f 2ndUniform law on notarial actsHolyCRJ DP1494-0-0-44/12
12Vote4/10/2019SB 5404f 2ndFish habitat projectsRolfesRDAN DP1493-0-0-54/12
13VoteA4/8/2019ESSB 5579f # 2ndCrude oil volatility/railBilligENVI DPA7 DNP353-40-0-54/12
1Vote3/29/2019ESB 5165f 2ndDiscrimination/immigrationSaldañaCRJ DP8 DNP5 w/oRec1
2Vote3/29/2019SSB 5471f 2ndElevatorsKingLAWS DP794-0-0-44/12
3VoteA3/29/2019ESSB 54782ndNoncompetition covenantsLiiasLAWS DP4 DNP2
4VoteA3/29/2019SB 5551f # 2ndCourthouse dog assistanceDhingraCRJ DP15
5VoteA3/29/2019SB 5640f # 2ndYouth courtsHolyCRJ DP15
6VoteA3/29/2019SB 5792c2ndCultural access programsSalomonHOUS DPA9
7Vote3/29/2019SJM 8005c2ndBiocharShortRDAN DP12
8VoteA4/3/2019ESSB 5410f 2ndCredit policy/AP, IB, CAIEMulletCWD DPA17
9Vote4/3/2019SSB 5474f 2ndSelf-insurers/L&I ordersKeiserLAWS DP7
10Vote4/3/2019SSB 5591f 2ndStolen vehicle check feeSchoeslerTR DP30 DNP1
11VoteA4/3/2019SB 5613f # 2ndRoad vacation/body of waterRiversLG DPA6
12Vote4/8/2019SSB 5004f 2ndLow-income veterinary srvsClevelandRDAN DP9 DNP577-18-0-34/12
13VoteA4/8/2019SB 51452ndHydraulic fracturingSalomonRDAN DPA8 DNP6
14VoteA4/8/2019SSB 5163f # 2ndWrongful injury or deathHasegawaAPP DP18 DNP12 w/oRec3
15VoteA4/8/2019ESSB 5322f 2ndClean water act/dischargesPalumboENVI DPA7 DNP4
16VoteA4/8/2019SB 5367f 2ndMilitary friendly schoolsWagonerED DPA16 DNP2 w/oRec1
17Vote4/8/2019ESB 54962ndBoundary line modificationZeigerSGOV DP9
18VoteA4/8/2019ESSB 5579f # 2ndCrude oil volatility/railBilligENVI DPA7 DNP353-40-0-54/12
19Vote4/8/2019SB 5641f 2ndUniform law on notarial actsHolyCRJ DP1494-0-0-44/12
20VoteA4/8/2019ESB 5887f 2ndPrior authorizationShortHCW DPA1395-0-0-34/12
21VoteA4/9/2019ESB 5008c2ndShort subdivisionsPalumboLG DPA7
22Vote4/9/2019SB 5074f c2ndPresidential electorsKudererSGOV DP5 DNP452-43-0-34/12
23VoteA4/9/2019SB 5179c2ndCounty electrical equipmentLiiasTR DPA30
24VoteA4/9/2019SB 5263f 2ndSchool bus driversZeigerED DPA18
25VoteA4/9/2019SSB 52662ndTimely elections/districtingSaldañaSGOV DPA5 DNP460-38-0-04/12
26VoteA4/9/2019ESB 5274f c2ndPacific islanders/dentalHasegawaAPP DPA19 DNP1359-36-0-34/12
27Vote4/9/2019ESSB 5288f # 2ndPersistent offenders/robberyDarneillePS DP7 DNP3 w/oRec1
28VoteA4/9/2019ESSB 5485f 2ndMusic therapistsDarneilleHCW DPA13
29VoteA4/9/2019SSB 5488f # 2ndSentencing, persons under 21DarneillePS DPA7 DNP2
30Vote4/9/2019SSB 55022ndRedistricting deadlinesZeigerSGOV DP9
31VoteA4/9/2019SSB 5560f # 2ndElected officials/disputesPaddenCRJ DPA14
32VoteA4/9/2019ESSB 5600f # 2ndResidential tenantsKudererCRJ DPA9 DNP2 w/oRec151-46-0-14/12
33Vote4/9/2019SSB 5763f 2ndCollector truck operatorsWagonerTR DP29
34VoteA4/9/2019SB 57822ndSpring blade knivesZeigerCRJ DPA11 DNP2
35VoteA4/9/2019SSB 58512ndVuln. children ed. opport.FrocktAPP DPA20 DNP13
36VoteA4/10/2019HB 1793f # c2ndAuto. traffic safety camerasFitzgibbon,PettigrewTR DPS17 DNP14
37Vote4/10/2019SSB 5003f 2ndBusiness corporation actPedersenCRJ DP14
38VoteA4/10/2019SSB 50122ndGovernmental continuityTakkoAPP DPA(APP w/o HOUS)32
39VoteA4/10/2019SSB 5151f 2ndGrowth mngmt board/indexingWilson, L.APP DPA(APP w/o ENVI)32
40VoteA4/10/2019E2SSB 5223f # 2ndElectrical net meteringPalumboENVI DPA7 DNP355-40-0-34/12
41VoteA4/10/2019ESSB 52982ndMarijuana product labelingRiversCOG DPA11
42Vote4/10/2019SB 5337f 2ndSales & use tax exemptionsTakkoFIN DP13
43Vote4/10/2019SB 5359f c2ndSupported living/investigateClevelandAPP DP32
44Vote4/10/2019SSB 5394f 2ndLiquor licensees/web sitesKingCOG DP990-6-0-24/12
45Vote4/10/2019SB 5404f 2ndFish habitat projectsRolfesRDAN DP1493-0-0-54/12
46VoteA4/10/20192SSB 54892ndEnviron. health disparitiesSaldañaAPP DPA(APP w/o SGOV)17 DNP14 w/oRec1
47VoteA4/10/2019SSB 5597f 2ndAerial herbicide applicationRolfesRDAN DPA14
48Vote4/10/2019SSB 56382ndDistributed ledger tech.BrownITED DP9
49VoteA4/10/2019E2SSB 5740f 2ndRetirement savings programMulletAPP DPA(APP w/o CPB)19 DNP12 w/oRec1
50Vote4/10/2019SB 58652ndFilipino American historyHasegawaSGOV DP9
51VoteA4/10/2019SB 58812ndVehicle safety glazing, etc.KingTR DPA26 DNP3 w/oRec1
52VoteA4/10/2019SSB 5883f # 2ndFarm products/vehicle weightKingTR DPA30 w/oRec1
53VoteA4/10/20192SSB 5903f 2ndChildren's mental healthDarneilleAPP DPA(APP w/o HSEL)3287-9-0-24/12
54VoteA4/10/2019SB 5918f 2ndWhale watching guidelinesLovelettAPP DPA29 DNP390-5-0-34/12
55Vote4/11/2019HB 2074f c2ndLivestock inspectionBlake,ChandlerAPP DP30
56Vote4/11/2019SB 5000f c2ndVeterinarians/HEALWAPalumboAPP DP3295-0-0-34/12
57VoteA4/11/2019SB 5054f 2ndBehav. health reciprocityO'BanAPP DPA(HCW)3295-1-0-24/12
58VoteA4/11/2019SSB 50632ndBallots, prepaid postageNguyenAPP DPA(APP w/o SGOV)31 DNP183-10-0-54/12
59VoteA4/11/2019SSB 5089f 2ndEarly learning accessWellmanAPP DPA(HSEL)28 DNP492-4-0-24/12
60VoteA4/11/2019E2SSB 5091f 2ndSpecial education fundingWellmanAPP DPA(APP w/o ED)31 w/oRec1
61VoteA4/11/2019SSB 5106f 2ndNatural disaster mitigationDasAPP DPA(APP w/o HOUS)3295-0-0-34/12
62VoteA4/11/2019SB 5107f c2ndTrust institutionsDasCPB DPA1398-0-0-04/12
63Vote4/11/2019SB 5119f 2ndContracted highway workersPalumboCWD DP10 DNP7
64VoteA4/11/2019E2SSB 5284f # 2ndSmoke detection devicesLiiasAPP DPA(APP w/o CPB)32
65Vote4/11/2019SSB 5297f 2ndAssistant AG bargainingHuntAPP DP19 DNP11 w/oRec261-35-0-24/12
66VoteA4/11/2019ESSB 5318f 2ndMarijuana license complianceRiversAPP DPA(APP w/o COG)32
67VoteA4/11/2019SSB 5324f 2ndHomeless student supportFrocktAPP DPA(APP w/o ED)3296-0-0-24/12
68VoteA4/11/2019ESSB 5330f 2ndSmall forestland ownersBraunAPP DPA32
69Vote4/11/2019ESSB 5332f # 2ndVital statisticsPedersenAPP DP28 DNP479-16-0-34/12
70VoteA4/11/2019SB 5339c2ndDeath penalty eliminationCarlylePS DP7 DNP4
71Vote4/11/2019SB 5350f c2ndOptional life annuityConwayAPP DP27 DNP4
72VoteA4/11/2019E2SSB 53562ndLGBTQ commissionWilson, C.APP DP21 DNP1167-28-0-34/12
73VoteA4/11/2019SSB 5380f # 2ndOpioid use disorderClevelandAPP DPA(APP w/o HCW)32
74VoteA4/11/2019SSB 5425f 2ndMaternal mortality reviewsClevelandAPP DPA3298-0-0-04/12
75VoteA4/11/2019ESB 5429f # c2ndReferred and diverted youthNguyenAPP DPA(HSEL)3294-0-0-44/12
76VoteA4/11/2019E2SSB 5432f # 2ndBehavioral health, integrateDhingraAPP DPA(HCW)3295-0-0-34/12
77VoteA4/11/2019ESB 54532ndIrrigation district admin.TakkoLG DPA795-0-0-34/12
78VoteA4/11/2019E2SSB 5497f # 2ndImmigrants in the workplaceWellmanAPP DPA(APP w/o CRJ)19 DNP1357-38-0-34/12
79VoteA4/11/2019SSB 5552f # 2ndPollinatorsLiiasAPP DPA32
80Vote4/11/2019SB 5558f 2ndDSHS & HCA/interpretersSaldañaAPP DP3295-1-0-24/12
81VoteA4/11/20192SSB 5602f 2ndReproductive health careRandallAPP DPA(APP w/o HCW)19 DNP13
82VoteA4/11/20192SSB 5604f # 2ndUniform guardianship, etc.PedersenAPP DPA(CRJ/APP)26 DNP685-10-0-34/12
83VoteA4/11/2019SB 5605f # c2ndMarijuana misdemeanorsNguyenAPP DPA(APP w/o PS)26 DNP6
84VoteA4/11/2019SSB 56522ndImpounded vehicle belongingsFortunatoTR DPA31
85Vote4/11/2019SB 5795f c2ndContractor bondingZeigerLAWS DP795-0-0-34/12
86VoteA4/11/20192SSB 58002ndHomeless college studentsRandallAPP DPA22 DNP9 w/oRec157-38-0-34/12
87VoteA4/11/2019SSB 5815f 2ndDCYF/minimum security statusNguyenAPP DPA(HSEL)29 DNP384-14-0-04/12
88VoteA4/11/20192SSB 5846f 2ndInternational medical gradsSaldañaHCW DPA1497-1-0-04/12
89VoteA4/11/2019SSB 5876f 2ndDOC gender, trauma work grpDarneilleAPP DPA(APP w/o PS)32
90Vote4/11/2019SB 5909f 2ndLiquor manuf., import, etc.KingCOG DP1095-0-0-34/12
91Vote4/11/2019SB 5923f c2ndCounty road emergency loansHobbsTR DP3198-0-0-04/12
92Vote4/11/2019SJR 8200f c3rdCatastrophic incidentsTakko
* CO = Calendar Order. This is the order in which bills were put onto the calendar from the Rules Committee
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