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Floor Activity Report (FAR) Help
Information regarding definitions of terms and column headings used in the far.

Calendar Types

Regular Calendar (Senate)
List of general bills to be heard on the Floor for the day
Floor Calendar (House)
List of general bills to be heard on the Floor for the day
Dispute Calendar (Senate)
List of bills in which the chambers don’t agree
Concurrence Calendar (Senate)
List of bills in which the chambers agree
Concurrence/Dispute Calendar (House)
Combined lists of bills in which the chambers either agree or don’t agree
Conference Calendar (House/Senate)
When House/Senate can’t come to an agreement a conference committee is created to resolve the issue. This calendar contains the bills considered by the Conference Committee.
Gubernatorial Calendar (Senate)
List of gubernatorial appointments
Suspension Calendar (House)
List of bills which will have little or no debate and if there are amendments, they are small and technical.
Consent Calendar (Senate)
List of bills which will have little or no debate and if there are amendments, they are small and technical.
Order of Consideration (House/Senate)
List of bills shown in the order that they are considered on the House/Senate floor

Flag Abbreviations and Other Symbols

Flag Abbreviations and Other Symbols
Abbreviation Description
a Amended
$ Appropriations bill
f State fiscal note
d Department sponsor
e Governor sponsor
b Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee (JLARC) sponsor
o Other sponsor
# Local fiscal note
c Companion bill
A (next to bill #) Floor amendment
C (next to bill #) Committee amendment

Calendar and Chamber Activity categories in the FAR

Calendar and Chamber Activity categories in the FAR
Calendar for current bills
The calendar that contains the bill currently being debated on the Floor (this may not reflect today’s date, as calendars can be reused for multiple days)
Selected calendar
The calendar you selected to view from the FAR
Current Chamber Activity
House/Senate Display Boards, the bill currently on the floor, and the bill to be discussed next (if it has been specified)
Current working calendars
The active version of all calendars for the current day
Previous Calendars
Calendars that were previously displayed in the FAR


This is the order in which bills were put onto the calendar from the Rules Committee
Added to List
Date that a bill was added to the Floor Activity Report
Special notations about a bill (see legend)
Applicable reading of the bill:
1st reading: Bill Introduction
2nd reading: Floor discussion
3rd reading: Floor vote on final passage
NOTE: 2nd and 3rd readings may be combined for a bill
Description of the bill
Chair=Chair of the committee to which the bill is introduced; Sponsor=Prime sponsor of bill
In the Senate, this refers to which page in the printed calendar the bill report appears.
Floor Action
How the chamber voted on the bill—click the link to view the roll call
Action Date
Date roll call was taken on the bill
Committee Info
Abbreviated actions taken by a committee e.g., CB DPS11 means that a substitute of the bill (DPS) was passed by eleven members of the Capital Budget (CB) committee
Go to Help with Abbreviations to view descriptions of other legislative acronyms, such as committees, sponsors, and bill versions.
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Your selected calendar
Floor Calendar for 3/4/2014
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CO Note Vote Amd Added to List Bill No. Flag Rdg Description Sponsor Committee Info Floor Action Action Date
0VoteA2/21/2014HB 2176f 2ndLeased energy systemsMorrisTED DPS10 DNP7
0VoteA2/21/2014E2SHB 1301f # 3rdClean energy jobsFIN (Morris)FIN DP2S(w/o sub TED)8 DNP5
0VoteA2/28/2014HB 2041f 2ndVehicle fuel handling lossesClibborn,MoscosoTR DP2S17 DNP13
0VoteA2/28/2014HB 2198f 2ndMedical marijuana/tax reliefCarlyle,AppletonAPP DP2S(w/o sub FIN)27 DNP3
0VoteA2/28/2014HB 2267f # 2ndPassenger-only ferry distrctHansen,SeaquistTR DPS23 DNP8
0VoteA3/3/2014HB 2207f 2ndBasic education fundingHaigh,OrcuttAPP DP2S(w/o sub APPE)19 DNP12
0VoteA3/3/2014HB 2335f c2ndExtended foster careRoberts,ParkerELHS DPA12 DNP1
0Vote3/3/2014HB 2409f 2ndMarijuana industry/tax prefsCarlyle,NealeyFIN DP7 DNP6
0Vote3/3/2014HB 2422f c2ndEducational employee compDunshee,HaighAPP DP19 DNP12
0Vote3/3/2014HB 27942ndState expenditure limitHunter,RyuAPP DP18 DNP13
0Vote3/3/2014HCR 44162ndEducational attainment goalsHaler,Pollet
0VoteA3/3/2014ESB 50482ndNotice against trespassSheldonJUDI DPA13
0VoteA3/3/2014SB 5141f # c2ndMotorcycles @ traffic signalKingTR DPA26 DNP5
0VoteA3/3/2014SSB 5467f 2ndVehicle owner listsKingTR DPA21 DNP10
0VoteA3/3/20142ESSB 5785f # 2ndLicense plates/display, etc.EricksenTR DP29 DNP2
0Vote3/3/2014ESSB 5889f # 2ndSnowmobile license feesNelsonAPP DP24 DNP7
0Vote3/3/2014SB 5931f c2ndHealth plans outside exchngeHargroveHCW DP16
0VoteA3/3/2014SB 5957f 2ndPersons w/disability/parkingHoneyfordTR DP31
0Vote3/3/20142SSB 59582ndStudent transition servicesMcAuliffeED DP19
0Vote3/3/20142SSB 5973f 2ndCommunity forest trust acctRolfesAGNR DP13 DNP2
0Vote3/3/2014SSB 60072ndPublic utility customer infoRiversLG DP9
0Vote3/3/2014SB 60132ndEpinephrine autoinjectorsMulletED DP19
0VoteA3/3/2014ESSB 60162ndHealth benefit exchangeRiversHCW DPA16
0VoteA3/3/2014ESSB 6041f # 2ndFish & wildlife enforcementHargroveAGNR DPA13 DNP2
0VoteA3/3/2014SSB 6054f # 2ndAeronautic safetyHoneyfordTR DP28 DNP3
0VoteA3/3/2014SSB 6060f # 2ndPublic water systemsAngelLG DPA7 DNP2
0Vote3/3/2014SSB 6069f # 2ndSex offenders/cmty custodyRiversPS DP9
0Vote3/3/2014SSB 60782ndNative American heritage dayMcCoyCDHT DP7
0VoteA3/3/2014SSB 60862ndState agency PCBs reductionBilligENVI DP7 DNP3
0VoteA3/3/2014SSB 6095f 2ndBackground checksHargroveELHS DPA12
0VoteA3/3/2014SB 61142ndLocal gov treasury practicesBentonLG DPA9
0Vote3/3/2014SB 6134f c2ndNondepository institutionsHobbsBFS DP13
0Vote3/3/2014SB 6135f # c2ndBanks and trust companiesBentonBFS DP13
0VoteA3/3/2014ESSB 6137f 2ndPharmaciesConwayHCW DPA15
0VoteA3/3/2014SSB 61452ndOfficial state oysterHatfieldGOE DPA11
0VoteA3/3/2014SSB 61992ndWildfires/incendiary devicesBraunAGNR DPA15
0Vote3/3/2014SB 6201f c2ndLEOFF life annuity benefitHasegawaAPP DP31
0VoteA3/3/2014SB 6208f c2ndVeterans' benefits/servicesHillCDHT DPA7
0Vote3/3/2014SSB 6216f # 2ndCounty ferriesEideTR DP31
0Vote3/3/2014SSB 6226f 2ndDistillery spirits salesHolmquist NewbryOVER DP9
0VoteA3/3/2014ESSB 62422nd180-day school year waiversKingED DPA17 DNP2
0VoteA3/3/2014ESSB 6265f 2ndAgencies/patient health infoFrocktHCW DP15 DNP1
0VoteA3/3/2014ESSB 62722ndCar dealers & manufacturersHewittBFS DP13 DNP2
0VoteA3/3/2014SSB 62792ndSearch warrant applicationsKlineJUDI DPA13
0VoteA3/3/2014SSB 6283f 2ndPhlebotomistsBeckerHCW DPA14
0Vote3/3/2014SB 6299f 2ndPrenatal nutrition educationBeckerHCW DP16
0Vote3/3/2014SSB 63392ndInvoluntary servitudeFraserPS DP9
0Vote3/3/2014SB 6358f 2ndFinancial aid policiesKohl-WellesHE DP19
0Vote3/3/2014SB 6419f 2ndMedicaid/border communitiesClevelandHCW DP16
0Vote3/3/2014SSB 6442f 2ndCider salesBrownOVER DP9
0Vote3/3/2014ESSB 64502ndOn-water dwellingsPedersenENVI DP11 DNP1
0Vote3/3/2014SSB 6453f 2ndAging and home care agenciesDammeierHCW DP14
0VoteA3/3/2014ESSB 6479f 2ndCaregivers and childrenFrocktELHS DPA12
0VoteA3/3/2014ESB 6501f # c2ndUsed oil recyclingEricksenENVI DPA12
0VoteA3/3/2014ESSB 65112ndHealthcare prior authorizingBeckerHCW DPA14
0Vote3/3/2014SB 6514f 2ndFarmers markets/beer & wineKohl-WellesOVER DP9
0VoteA3/3/2014ESSB 65172ndAgency employees' ID numbersRoachGOE DP9 DNP2
0Vote3/3/2014SB 65222ndStructured settlements/infoHolmquist NewbryLWD DP9
0Vote3/3/2014SJM 80032ndCommunications Decency ActKohl-WellesTED DP18
0Vote3/3/2014SCR 84092ndHigh skills high wages planBaileyLWD DP9
0VoteA2/28/2014ESSB 60202ndCapital sup budget 2013-2015Honeyford92-4-0-23/4
0VoteA2/28/2014EHB 2797f 2ndKindergarten & elementaryDunshee,MacEwenCB DP1390-7-0-13/4
0VoteA3/3/2014ESHB 2762$ c2ndTrans sup budget 2013-2015Clibborn,FeyTR DPS23 DNP873-24-0-13/4
0VoteA2/28/2014ESSB 60022ndOperating sup budget 2014Hill53-44-0-13/4
* CO = Calendar Order. This is the order in which bills were put onto the calendar from the Rules Committee
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