Committee Schedules

Senate Ways & Means - 3/23/2023 4:00 PM

Full Committee

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Senate Hearing Rm 4 and Virtual
J.A. Cherberg Building
Olympia, WA

REVISED 3/21/2023 6:21 PM

Public Hearing
  1. HB 1626 - Concerning coverage for colorectal screening tests under medical assistance programs. (Remote Testimony Available). - Testify
  2. E2SHB 1167 - Concerning residential housing regulations. (Remote Testimony Available). - Testify
  3. E2SHB 1181 - Improving the state's response to climate change by updating the state's planning framework. (Remote Testimony Available). - Testify
  4. ESHB 1260 - Accelerating stability for people with a work-limiting disability or incapacity. (Remote Testimony Available). - Testify
  5. 2SHB 1447 - Strengthening the ability of assistance programs to meet foundational needs of children, adults, and families. (Remote Testimony Available). - Testify
  6. 2SHB 1452 - Establishing a state medical reserve corps. (Remote Testimony Available). - Testify
  7. SHB 1460 - Concerning the department of natural resources land transactions, revenue distributions, and creation and management of a trust land transfer program. (Remote Testimony Available). - Testify
  8. HB 1018 - Changing the expiration date for the sales and use tax exemption of hog fuel to comply with the 2045 deadline for fossil fuel-free electrical generation in Washington state and to protect jobs with health care and retirement benefits in economically distressed communities. (Remote Testimony Available). - Testify
  9. SHB 1318 - Concerning retail sales tax exemptions for certain aircraft maintenance and repair. (Remote Testimony Available). - Testify
  10. SHB 1431 - Clarifying that meals furnished to tenants of senior living communities as part of their rental agreement are not subject to sales and use tax. (Remote Testimony Available). - Testify

Possible executive session on bills heard in committee. Possible other business. See for testimony options. To view committee meetings or access the committee meeting documents, visit the Legislature's committee schedules, agendas, and documents website: