Committee Schedules

Senate Law & Justice - 3/20/2023 10:30 AM

Full Committee

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Senate Hearing Rm 4 and Virtual
J.A. Cherberg Building
Olympia, WA

REVISED 3/18/2023 8:24 AM

Public Hearing
  1. SHB 1177 - Creating a missing and murdered indigenous women and people cold case investigations unit. (Remote Testimony Available). - Testify
  2. ESHB 1555 - Concerning extradition of persons to and from Indian jurisdiction. (Remote Testimony Available). - Testify
  3. HB 1512 - Providing tools and resources for the location and recovery of missing persons. (Remote Testimony Available). - Testify
  4. SHB 1043 - Concerning association records in common interest communities. (Remote Testimony Available). - Testify
  5. 2SHB 1579 - Establishing a mechanism for independent prosecutions within the office of the attorney general of criminal conduct arising from police use of force. (Remote Testimony Available). - Testify
  6. ESHB 1169 - Concerning legal financial obligations. (Hearing is on the Proposed Striking Amendment.) (Remote Testimony Available). - Testify

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