Promoting development of reliable distributed energy resources through extending and modifying an existing tax incentive for certain net metering systems, preserving the existing ground rules for net metering until net metering systems' generating capacity equals 0.5 percent of the utility's 1996 peak demand, requiring distribution resources planning, and authorizing a reliability charge and other alternatives to existing ground rules for net metering, for a utility that has achieved the existing 0.5 percent interconnection requirement for net metering systems.

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(HTM) (PDF) House Bill 2045 Bills Original Bill 2/6/2015
(HTM) (PDF) Digest of House Bill 2045 Digests Bill Digest 2/9/2015
(HTM) (PDF) Initial House Analysis of House Bill 2045 Bill Reports Initial House Analysis 02-17-15 2/17/2015

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