Addressing water availability issues created by the Washington supreme court decision in Whatcom County v. Western Washington Growth Management Hearings Board, also known as the Hirst decision, solely by providing immediate and temporary relief to landowners affected by the Hirst decision by ensuring that a water well report for a groundwater withdrawal exempt from permitting and not prohibited by an applicable water resources management rule adopted by the department of ecology may serve until December 31, 2018, as evidence of an adequate water supply for a building necessitating potable water, allowing cities and counties to rely until December 31, 2018, on water resource management rules adopted by the department of ecology in providing for the protection of surface water and groundwate

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(WORD) (HTM) (PDF) House Bill 2239 Bills Original Bill 6/28/2017
(WORD) (HTM) (PDF) Digest of House Bill 2239 Digests Bill Digest 7/6/2017
(WORD) (HTM) (PDF) House Bill Report on House Bill 2239 as of 2nd Reading on 06-29-2017 Bill Reports As of 2nd Reading 06-29-17 6/29/2017

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