Preserving funding deposited into the education legacy trust account used to support common schools and access to higher education by restoring the application of the Washington estate and transfer tax to certain property transfers.

7 documents for 2064 (2013-14)

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(WORD) (HTM) (PDF) House Bill 2064 Bills Original Bill 5/28/2013
(WORD) (HTM) (PDF) Substitute House Bill 2064 as Recommended by Finance Bills FIN 13 Substitute Bill 5/29/2013
(WORD) (HTM) (PDF) Digest of House Bill 2064 Digests Bill Digest 5/28/2013
(WORD) (HTM) (PDF) Digest of Substitute House Bill 2064 Digests Substitute Bill Digest 6/3/2013
(WORD) (HTM) (PDF) Initial House Analysis of House Bill 2064 Bill Reports Initial House Analysis 05-29-13 5/29/2013
(WORD) (HTM) (PDF) House Bill Report on House Bill 2064 as Reported by House Finance on 05-29-2013 Bill Reports Reported by FIN 05-29-13 5/29/2013
(WORD) (HTM) (PDF) House Bill Report on Substitute House Bill 2064 as Passed House on 05-30-2013 Bill Reports Passed House 05-30-13 5/30/2013

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