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PDFWAC 516-15-045


(1) Skateboarders are expected to use skateboards in a safe, responsible manner.
(2) Skateboarders must comply with these regulations to ensure the safe operation, use, and storage of these devices on campus.
(3) Skateboarders must yield the right of way to pedestrians at all times.
(4) Skateboarders must comply with speed limits on campus as follows:
(a) Share pedestrian spaces and walkways only at pedestrian walking speeds, three miles per hour, within ten feet of any pedestrian or areas congested with pedestrians.
(b) Otherwise, skateboard speeds are limited to pedestrian jogging speeds, five to seven miles per hour maximum.
(5) Speeds in excess of seven miles per hour, stunt riding, or any and all other uses of skateboards that may cause property damage and endanger the user or others are prohibited.
(6) Skateboarders are restricted from the following areas: Lawns, benches, stairways, steps, sculpture, art work, hand rails, loading ramps, building interiors.
(7) Skateboarders must dismount and walk in areas specifically designated as permanent or temporary walk zones from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. during regular class days, including finals week, during the regular academic year. Designated walk zones are as follows:
(a) In Red Square;
(b) In the congested, narrow walk area from the north side of Engineering Technology to the north side of Carver Gym;
(c) At Viking Union Vendor's Row; and
(d) Such other areas as may be designated by the vice president for business and financial affairs.
(8) Skateboards may be used in the east-west intertie between Carver Gym, the Art Annex, Bond Hall, and Miller Hall but must yield right of way to pedestrians.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.35.120(12) and 28B.10.560. WSR 09-12-091, ยง 516-15-045, filed 6/1/09, effective 7/2/09.]
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