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PDFWAC 51-50-3109

Section 3109Swimming pools, spas and other water recreation devices.

3109.1 General. The design and construction of swimming pools, spas and other aquatic recreation facilities shall comply with the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code, where the facility is one of the following:
1. For the sole use of residents and invited guests at a single-family dwelling;
2. For the sole use of residents and invited guests of a duplex owned by the residents; or
3. Operated exclusively for physical therapy or rehabilitation and under the supervision of a licensed medical practitioner.
All other "water recreation facilities" as defined in RCW 70.90.110 are regulated under chapters 246-260 and 246-262 WAC.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 19.27.031 and 19.27.074. WSR 16-03-064, § 51-50-3109, filed 1/19/16, effective 7/1/16. Statutory Authority: RCW 19.27.074, 19.27.020, and chapters 70.92, 19.27, and 34.05 RCW. WSR 07-01-091, § 51-50-3109, filed 12/19/06, effective 7/1/07.]
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