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PDFWAC 480-93-005


(1) "Bar hole" means a hole made in the soil or paving for the specific purpose of testing the subsurface atmosphere with a combustible gas indicator.
(2) "Building" means any structure that is normally or occasionally entered by humans for business, residential, or other purposes and where gas could accumulate.
(3) "Business district" means an area where the public regularly congregates or where the majority of the buildings on either side of the street are regularly utilized, for financial, commercial, industrial, religious, educational, health, or recreational purposes.
(4) "C.F.R." means the Code of Federal Regulations.
(5) "Combustible gas indicator" (CGI) means a device capable of detecting and measuring gas concentrations in air.
(6) "Commission" means the Washington utilities and transportation commission.
(7) "Enclosed space" means any subsurface structure of sufficient size that could accommodate a person and within which gas could accumulate, e.g., vaults, catch basins, and manholes.
(8) "Emergency notification line" means 1-888-321-9144.
(9) "Follow-up inspection" means an inspection performed after a repair has been completed in order to determine the effectiveness of the repair.
(10) "Gas" means natural gas, flammable gas, or gas that is toxic or corrosive.
(11) "Gas associated substructures" means those devices or facilities utilized by a gas pipeline company which are not intended for storing, transporting, or distributing gas, such as valve boxes, vaults, test boxes, and vented casing pipe.
(12) "Gas pipeline" means all parts of a pipeline facility through which gas moves in transportation including, but not limited to, line pipe, valves, and other appurtenances connected to line pipe, compressor units, metering stations, regulator stations, delivery stations, holders and fabricated assemblies. "Gas pipeline" does not include any pipeline facilities, other than a master meter system, owned by a consumer or consumers of the gas, located exclusively on the consumer or consumers' property, and none of the gas leaves that property through a pipeline.
(13) "Gas pipeline company" means a person or entity constructing, owning or operating a gas pipeline for transporting gas. "Gas pipeline company" includes a person or entity owning or operating a master meter system. "Gas pipeline company" does not include excavation contractors or other contractors that contract with a gas pipeline company.
(14) "High occupancy structure or area" means a building or an outside area (such as a playground, recreation area, outdoor theater, or other place of public assembly) that is occupied by 20 or more persons on at least five days a week for 10 weeks in any 12-month period. (The days and weeks need not be consecutive.)
(15) "Indication" means a response indicated by a gas detection instrument that has not been verified as a reading.
(16) "LEL" means the lower explosive limit of the gas being transported.
(17) "Line pipe" or "pipe" means a tube, usually cylindrical, through which a hazardous liquid or gas is transported from one point to another.
(18) "MAOP" means maximum allowable operating pressure.
(19) "Master meters system" means a pipeline system for distributing gas within, but not limited to, a definable area, such as a mobile home park, housing project, or apartment complex, where the operator purchases metered gas from an outside source for resale through a gas distribution pipeline system. The gas distribution pipeline system supplies the ultimate consumer who either purchases the gas directly through a meter or by any other means, such as by rents.
(20) "Prompt action" means to dispatch qualified personnel without undue delay.
(21) "Psig" means pounds per square inch gauge.
(22) "Reading" means a repeatable representation on a combustible gas indicator or equivalent instrument expressed in percent LEL or gas-air ratio.
(23) "Record(s)" means any electronic or paper document, map, database, report or drawing created by or kept by a gas pipeline company.
(24) "Sniff test" means a qualitative test utilizing both threshold and readily detectable methods for determining proper concentrations of odorant.
(25) "Transmission line" means a gas pipeline as defined in 49 C.F.R. § 192.3 on the date specified in WAC 480-93-999.
(26) "Weak link" means a device or method used when pulling polyethylene pipe to ensure that damage will not occur to the pipeline by exceeding the maximum tensile stresses allowed.
(27) Other terms that correspond to those used in 49 C.F.R. Parts 191, 192, 193, 196, and 199 (Minimum Federal Safety Standards for Gas Pipelines) must be construed as used therein on the date specified in WAC 480-93-999.
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