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PDFWAC 480-92-080


(1) Contract rates - Generally. A site operator may contract with any person to provide a disposal rate lower than the current tariff rate. Once the commission approves a contract, the site operator may not collect a disposal fee greater than the lowest contract rate plus an administrative fee.
(2) Contract requirements. A contract between a site operator and a generator must be limited to a definite time period.
A contract between a site operator and a generator must contain a provision that the contract is entered into subject to the power and authority of the commission to set just, fair, reasonable and sufficient rates for the disposal of low-level radioactive waste. The contract must provide for recovery of all costs associated with providing the service.
(3) Approval by the commission.
(a) The commission may approve the terms and conditions of a contract, and the rate or rates to be applied during the time period, if it finds the rates to be fair, just, reasonable and sufficient. The commission may not include revenues and expenses generated and incurred under contract for subsequent ratemaking purposes.
(b) Each contract must be filed with the commission at least thirty days before the proposed effective date of the contract. Contracts will become effective on the thirty-first day after filing with the commission unless:
(i) The site operator request, and the commission allows, for the contract to become effective in less than thirty days;
(ii) The commission rejects the contract; or
(iii) The commission suspends the contract and sets the matter for hearing.
(4) Information to support approval of a contract. A site operator must submit the following information with each contract filed for commission approval:
(a) A statement explaining the use of a contract rather than a filed tariff for the specific service involved;
(b) All documents and calculations showing how the site operator derived the proposed rate;
(c) All documents showing that the contract does not discriminate, or result in discrimination, among customers receiving like and contemporaneous service under substantially similar circumstances; and
(d) Any other information requested by the commission.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 80.01.040. WSR 99-05-016 (Order R-458, Docket No. UR-980080), § 480-92-080, filed 2/5/99, effective 3/8/99. Statutory Authority: RCW 80.01.040 and 1991 c 272. WSR 92-03-050 (Order R-366, Docket No. T-910676), § 480-92-080, filed 1/10/92, effective 2/10/92.]
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