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PDFWAC 479-01-040

Definitions and acronyms.

The following definitions and acronyms apply:
(1) TIB - The transportation improvement board.
(2) Board - The transportation improvement board refers to the group of board members defined in RCW 47.26.121 and does not include the executive director or staff.
(3) Director - The executive director of the transportation improvement board.
(4) Staff - Refers to the employees of the transportation improvement board excluding the executive director.
(5) Agency - All cities, towns, counties, and transportation benefit districts eligible to receive board funding.
(6) Local agency official - Refers to a local agency elected official or staff who is authorized to sign contracts on the city, town, county, or transportation benefit district's behalf.
(7) Urban area - Refers to the portion of a county within the federal urban area boundary as designated by the Federal Highway Administration and/or Washington state's Growth Management Act.
(8) Six-year transportation plan - Refers to the city or county six-year transportation plan for coordinated transportation program expenditures per RCW 35.77.010 and 36.81.121.
(9) Small city - Refers to an incorporated city or town with a population of less than 5,000.
(10) Active transportation program - Refers to both the urban and small city active transportation programs.
(11) Population - Is defined as office of financial management official published population at the time of application.
(12) Highway urban area population - As published by the office of financial management.
(13) Scope change - Refers to a change in the physical characteristics and/or dimensions of a project.
(14) CHAP - City Hardship Assistance Program.
(15) TIA - Transportation improvement account.
(16) Matching funds - All funds contributed to a project other than TIB funds.
(17) Construction ready - Is defined as a project that has design, plans specifications and estimates, right of way, permits, and all sources of match funding to enable advertisement for bids.
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