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PDFWAC 478-124-030

Conduct on campus code—Sanctions.

(1) Any person while on the university campus who willfully refuses the request of a uniformed campus police officer to desist from conduct prohibited by these rules may be required by such officer to leave such premises.
(2) Disciplinary action which may result in dismissal from the university will be initiated against faculty, staff, or students who violate these rules, in accordance with the applicable disciplinary codes or other appropriate due process procedures.
(3) Sanctions which may be imposed against faculty are set forth in the Faculty Code, Chapter 25, Sections 25-51 and 25-71.
(4) Sanctions which may be imposed against students are set forth in WAC 478-121-210.
(5) Sanctions which may be imposed against the classified staff are set forth in the relevant University of Washington labor contract for contract-classified staff, and in Title 357 WAC and applicable university policy for classified nonunion staff.
(6) Sanctions which may be imposed against the professional staff are set forth in the University of Washington Professional Staff Program.
(7) Violation of any of the above regulations may also constitute violation of the criminal laws or ordinances of the city, the county, the state of Washington, or the United States and may subject a violator to criminal sanctions in addition to any sanctions imposed by the university.
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