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Chapter 468-603 WAC

Last Update: 1/28/19


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HTMLPDF468-603-010Agreements with municipalities and regional transit authorities at state-owned park and ride lots.


Agreements with municipalities and regional transit authorities at state-owned park and ride lots.

Washington state department of transportation may enter into agreements with municipalities as defined in RCW 35.95.020 and with regional transit authorities authorized under chapter 81.112 RCW allowing them to operate and maintain park and ride lots under the jurisdiction of the department. Provided, that nothing in this section shall be construed as expanding or limiting the powers or authority of any entity entering into an agreement covered by this section.
These agreements may include those parking management elements which the municipalities and regional transit authorities are authorized by law to implement and manage including, but not limited to:
(1) The issuing of permits such as high occupancy vehicle permits or permits designating a time of arrival. Such permits shall be issued at no cost unless allowed by state and local law;
(2) The reservation of a portion of stalls for the exclusive or time-specific use of permitted vehicles;
(3) The enforcement against unauthorized uses through impoundment, ticketing, or other measures as governed by applicable state and local laws and regulations. Enforcement measures may also include the establishment of parking time limit maximums consistent with RCW 46.55.070; or
(4) The temporary closure of underutilized sections of park and ride facilities to reduce maintenance and operation costs.
For the purposes of this chapter, a "permit" is defined as any document or electronic record approved by and/or issued by a municipality or regional transit authority that when properly displayed or implemented by the permittee authorizes a vehicle to park.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 46.61.577. WSR 19-04-027, § 468-603-010, filed 1/28/19, effective 2/28/19.]