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PDFWAC 458-10-020

Application for accreditation.

(1) Prerequisite to application—Experience. Prior to applying for accreditation, applicants must have had at least one year of experience related to the items listed in this subsection. The requisite experience may include hours worked during the preceding two years but must include a minimum of one thousand hours worked in a minimum time period of twelve months. The work experience must be directly connected with the following:
(a) Transactions involving real property;
(b) Appraisal of real property;
(c) Assessment of real property; or
(d) A combination of (a), (b), and (c) of this subsection.
(2) Prerequisite to application—Knowledge. Prior to applying for accreditation, applicants must be knowledgeable in:
(a) Repair and remodeling of buildings and improvement of land;
(b) The significance of locality and area to the value of real property; and
(c) The standards for appraising real property established by the department. (See WAC 458-10-060.)
(3) Application procedure. Any person desiring to be an accredited appraiser must complete an "Application for Accreditation" form and submit it to the property tax division of the department. The department shall review the application and verify that the applicant meets the qualifications prescribed by chapter 36.21 RCW and chapter 458-10 WAC, including either passing the accreditation examination or qualifying for a waiver of or exemption from the examination. Upon completion of review and verification, the department shall, as appropriate, issue an accreditation certificate, reject the application and give the reason or reasons for the rejection, or notify the applicant of any further requirements prior to issuing an accreditation certificate. Forms shall be prepared by and are available from the property tax division of the department.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 36.21.015, 84.08.010 and 84.08.070. WSR 97-08-068, § 458-10-020, filed 4/1/97, effective 5/2/97.]
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