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PDFWAC 458-07-025

Revaluation of real property—Plan submitted to department of revenue.

(1) Revaluation plan—When submitted. The assessor shall submit a proposed revaluation plan to the property tax division of the department of revenue on or before March 1st of the year prior to the first year of any revaluation and/or physical inspection cycle.
(2) Revaluation plan—Contents. The proposed revaluation plan must be sufficiently detailed to enable the department to determine whether the assessor will be able to successfully and timely complete the revaluation and/or physical inspection program and must include, but is not limited to, the following:
(a) A comprehensive analysis of the number and types of properties to be appraised each year;
(b) Specific geographical revaluation areas, taxing districts, or parcels included in the plan each year;
(c) A description of appraiser workload each year and the number of personnel required to implement the plan, including the number and duties of staff not directly involved in the appraisal of real property;
(d) The number of additional staff required, if any, and a description of their duties;
(e) Whether the plan anticipates the necessity of using appraisers hired on a contract basis or whether the plan anticipates requesting special assistance from the department of revenue;
(f) The current and anticipated use of and need for equipment, supplies, and space;
(g) The annual anticipated budget of the assessor’s office; and
(h) A statement that all real property will be appraised at one hundred percent of its true and fair value unless specifically provided otherwise by law.
(3) Revaluation plan—Approval or disapproval. The department shall review the proposed revaluation plan to determine whether it complies with all lawful requirements and to determine whether it can be successfully and timely completed. The department shall notify the assessor in writing if it disapproves a proposed revaluation plan and shall give the reasons for its disapproval. If the proposed revaluation plan is not approved by the department, the assessor shall, with the assistance of the department of revenue, develop a revaluation plan that will comply with the provisions of chapter 84.41 RCW and this chapter of the Washington Administrative Code.
(4) Revaluation plan—Progress report—Changes—Satisfactory progress.
(a) The assessor of each county shall submit a report to the department of revenue not later than October 15th of each year detailing the county’s progress in implementing its revaluation and/or physical inspection program. The report must be submitted on forms supplied by the department and must note any additions or corrections to, or deviations from, the plan during the past year.
(b) Any significant or substantial changes to the plan must be submitted to and approved by the department prior to implementation of the changes.
(c) If the department finds that the revaluation and/or physical inspection program in any county is not proceeding in accordance with the county’s revaluation plan or that the revaluation and/or physical inspection program is not making satisfactory progress, the department shall notify both the county legislative authority and the assessor of that finding. Within thirty days after receiving the notice, the county legislative authority shall take one of the following actions:
(i) Authorize such expenditures as will enable the assessor to complete the revaluation and/or physical inspection program as directed; or
(ii) Direct the assessor to request special assistance from the department of revenue for aid in effectuating the county’s revaluation and/or physical inspection program.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 84.08.070. WSR 00-01-043, § 458-07-025, filed 12/7/99, effective 1/7/00.]
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