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PDFWAC 434-379-008

Petition requirements.

(1) Petitions must be at least eleven inches wide by fourteen inches long.
(2) Petitions must include:
(a) The initiative or referendum number;
(b) The ballot title, which must include:
(i) The subject, not more than ten words;
(ii) The concise description, not more than thirty words; and
(iii) The question.
(c) The form and text required by:
(i) RCW 29A.72.110 for an initiative to the legislature;
(ii) RCW 29A.72.120 for an initiative to the people; or
(iii) RCW 29A.72.130 for a referendum measure.
(d) The warning in RCW 29A.72.140, printed on the front to cover at least four square inches;
(e) Numbered lines, not more than twenty, with space for each person to provide his or her:
(i) Original signature;
(ii) Printed name; and
(iii) Address, city, and zip code where registered to vote.
(f) A blank space on the bottom left hand corner of the front side, one and one-half inch square;
(g) The full text of the measure printed on the back;
(h) The circulator's declaration printed on the back; and
(i) Petition sheets printed with a one-inch margin on the bottom may be submitted through December 31, 2016.
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