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PDFWAC 434-379-005

Filing of an initiative or referendumFeeRequired documents.

(1) A person desiring to file with the secretary of state a proposed initiative to the people, initiative to the legislature, or referendum measure may do so by filing the following documents:
(a) A legible copy of the measure proposed, or the act or part of such act on which a referendum is desired;
(b) A signed affidavit declaring under penalty of perjury:
(i) That the person submitting the proposed measure is over 18 years of age and competent to testify;
(ii) That the person submitting the proposed measure is a registered voter in the state of Washington;
(iii) Whether the proposed measure is an initiative to the people, initiative to the legislature, or referendum; and
(iv) The subject of the initiative, or the bill number of the legislation being referred; and
(c) A nonrefundable filing fee of $156 for each measure submitted.
(2) The secretary may update the amount of the filing fee in subsection (1)(c) of this section at the beginning of each calendar year prior to the first day for initial filing of proposed initiatives to the people for that year.
(a) The filing fee amount may be updated by applying the federal bureau of labor statistics consumer price index inflation calculator rate, or its successor, to the original filing fee of five dollars set in 1913 for the state initiative and referendum process.
(b) Once the year's filing fee is determined, it shall be rounded down to the nearest whole dollar amount and posted online on the office of the secretary of state website, prior to the first day for initiative filing of proposed initiatives for that year.
(c) This filing fee amount shall be used for all initiative and referendum filings until the next fee adjustment is made.
(3) The proposed measure is not considered filed with the secretary of state until all documents and fees are filed, including any original versions required.
(4) Once the proposed text to an initiative or referendum is filed, the secretary of state shall submit the text with required information to the code reviser within one business day.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 29A.04.611. WSR 24-04-097, § 434-379-005, filed 2/7/24, effective 3/9/24; WSR 17-12-090, § 434-379-005, filed 6/6/17, effective 7/7/17; WSR 09-03-110, § 434-379-005, filed 1/21/09, effective 2/21/09; WSR 06-23-094, § 434-379-005, filed 11/15/06, effective 12/16/06. Statutory Authority: RCW 29A.04.611 and 43.07.120. WSR 05-12-116, § 434-379-005, filed 5/31/05, effective 7/1/05.]
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