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PDFWAC 434-324-036

County-to-county transfers.

(1) A registered voter may transfer their registration to another county by submitting a new voter registration application, or returning a signed confirmation notice that provides the minimum information required for a county-to-county transfer: Name, residential address, date of birth or voter registration number, and signature on the voter registration declaration.
(2) The county auditor shall expedite the mailing of a confirmation notice to complete the county-to-county transfer.
The minimum information necessary to complete the transfer to the new county is:
(a) Name;
(b) Residential address;
(c) A signature on the oath in RCW 29A.08.230; and
(d) Either date of birth or voter ID number.
(3) The new county may request additional information to confirm that the registration application is a transfer.
If the voter provides the required information, the county shall forward the confirmation notice by mail or electronically to the county auditor of the voter's new county of residence.
(4) If the voter provides a mailing address, but no residence address, the county auditor shall update the mailing address and keep the voter on active status. The county auditor may contact the voter to verify they still reside in the county of registration.
(5) If the request is missing information other than a residence address, the county auditor must send the request to the county where the voter currently resides. The receiving county will process the request and contact the voter as is necessary to transfer the registration in the same manner as other incomplete voter registration applications.
When the county auditor receives a transfer request after ballots have been mailed, the county auditor shall verify that no ballot has been accepted for that voter. If a ballot has not been accepted, the county auditor shall complete the transfer and issue the voter a current ballot.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 29A.04.611. WSR 20-13-043, § 434-324-036, filed 6/10/20, effective 7/11/20; WSR 19-12-115, § 434-324-036, filed 6/5/19, effective 7/6/19; WSR 12-14-074, § 434-324-036, filed 7/2/12, effective 8/2/12; WSR 10-03-072, § 434-324-036, filed 1/18/10, effective 2/18/10.]
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