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PDFWAC 434-324-005


As used in this chapter:
(1) "Accepted" means the voter's ballot has been signature verified and is ready for initial processing.
(2) "Active status" means a designation assigned to voters with complete voter registration records signifying that the voter is eligible to vote.
(3) "Applicant" means a person who has applied, or is applying, to become a registered voter in the state of Washington.
(4) "Auditor" or "county auditor" means the county auditor in a noncharter county or the officer in a charter county, irrespective of title, having the overall responsibility to maintain voter registration to conduct state and local elections.
(5) "Conditional registration" means an in-person voter registration application submitted when the voter registration system is unable to process applications. Conditionally registered voters are issued a current ballot for their precinct whenever possible; they are not issued a provisional ballot.
(6) "Current ballot" means the ballot which matches the precinct, precinct portion or split in which the voter is currently registered to vote. This is the most recently issued ballot type or style.
(7) "Electronic registration" means the electronic submission of voter registration applications.
(8) "Extraction," as used in this chapter, means the creation of an electronic list of specific information from the entire official statewide voter registration database.
(9) "New county" means a county in Washington state that a registered voter is moving to from another county within Washington state.
(10) "Previous county" means a county in Washington state that a registered voter lived in prior to moving to a new county.
(11) "Pending status" means a voter registration record is not yet complete, and the applicant is not yet a registered voter or the registration is a potential felon, potential duplicate match, or a future voter.
(12) "Qualified tribal identification" means tribal identification from an issuer of tribal identification that has agreed to make digitized signature information available for the purpose of voter registration.
(13) "Received" means the voter's ballot has been returned to the county and entered into the system, but not yet accepted.
(14) "Registered voter" means any elector who has completed the statutory registration procedures established by Title 29A RCW.
(15) "Registration number" means a unique identifier assigned to each registered voter, pursuant to RCW 29A.08.125.
(16) "Reissued ballot" means a new ballot issued to a voter due to an address update within the state that changes the voter's ballot type or style. A reissued ballot becomes the current ballot and all other ballots are suspended.
(17) "Replacement ballot" means a ballot that is the same type or style as the most recently issued. The request for a replacement ballot does not update the voter's current ballot type or style.
(18) "Secretary" means secretary of state or any other person authorized by the secretary of state to act on the secretary's behalf.
(19) "Suspended ballot" means any ballot that is not the current ballot. The suspended ballot may be accepted when the current ballot is not received or accepted.
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