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PDFWAC 434-215-005

Filing information—Questionnaire—Compiling and dissemination.

(1) Prior to February 1, the county auditor shall send a questionnaire to the administrative authority of each local jurisdiction for which the auditor is the candidate filing officer subject to the provisions of RCW 29A.04.321 and 29A.04.330. The questionnaire must be sent during the twelve months before the local jurisdiction is scheduled to elect officers. The purpose of the questionnaire shall be to confirm information which the auditor must use to properly conduct candidate filings for each office. The questionnaire should request, at a minimum, confirmation of offices to be filled at the general election that year, the name of the incumbent, and the annual salary for the position at the time of the filing period. Responses should be received prior to March 1 of that year so that the filing information can be compiled and disseminated to the public at least two weeks prior to the candidate filing period.
(2) If a jurisdiction fails to notify the county auditor prior to the regular candidate filing period that an office is to be filled at the general election and therefore the office is not included in the regular candidate filing period, the county auditor shall:
(a) Open the position during the remainder of the regular filing period if the county auditor is notified in time to provide at least three days in the regular filing period. The county auditor must post information online and notify the press; or
(b) Open the position during a special three-day filing period and treat the election as though there is a void in candidacy per RCW 29A.24.181.
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