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PDFWAC 434-120-045

Change in information or status, notification.

(1) Any entity required to register under chapter 11.110 or 19.09 RCW shall notify the charities program, within thirty days of any changes to previously submitted registration or financial information reported under RCW 19.09.075, 19.09.079, or WAC 434-120-310.
(2) The entity shall submit the changes in writing or by using the amendment form that is available from the charities program. The form may be requested by phone, email, or accessed online. There is no fee to submit changes of information.
(3) Any registered charitable organization or commercial fund-raiser may voluntarily close its registration and shall report the closure to the charities program in writing. The notice shall include the organization's name on record, charities program registration number, and the reason and effective date of the closure. Following the voluntary closure of a registration, the charitable organization or commercial fund-raiser shall submit a final solicitation report for the current accounting year.
(a) The solicitation report for a charitable organization shall contain the information described in RCW 19.09.075.
(b) The solicitation report for a commercial fund-raiser shall contain the information described in RCW 19.09.079.
(4) A charitable trust that voluntarily closes its registration shall submit a copy of its most recently completed IRS Form 990, 990PF, 990EZ or final financial report, whichever applies, for the completed accounting year, and a written statement regarding the closure, including effective date.
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