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PDFWAC 4-30-064

What does the board consider to be cheating on the CPA examination, what testing consequences or board actions can result if cheating is suspected or observed?

(1) Cheating includes, but is not limited to:
(a) Unauthorized communication with others inside or outside of the examination room while the examination is in progress;
(b) Substitution by a candidate of another person to sit in the test site and take the examination on behalf of the candidate;
(c) Referencing crib sheets, text books, or other unauthorized material or electronic media inside or outside the examination room while the examination is in progress;
(d) Copying or attempting to copy another candidate's answers;
(e) Disclosing or attempting to disclose examination questions and/or answers to others;
(f) Bringing unauthorized prohibited items into the examination site or possessing unauthorized prohibited items in the examination site;
(g) Retaking or attempting to retake a section by an individual who holds a license or who has unexpired credit for passing the section, unless the individual has been expressly authorized by the board to participate in a "secret shopper" program.
(2) Cheating on the CPA examination is dishonesty directly related to the professional responsibilities of a CPA and demonstrates a lack of good character. When determining appropriate sanctions for cheating, the board may impose one or more of the following penalties:
(a) Enter a failing grade for any or all parts of the candidate's examination;
(b) Bar a candidate from taking future examinations;
(c) Notify other jurisdictions of the board's conclusions and order;
(d) Fine up to thirty thousand dollars;
(e) Recovery of investigative and legal costs; or
(f) Referral to the appropriate law enforcement agency(ies) for prosecution.
(3) If a candidate is suspected of cheating, the board or its representative(s) may expel the candidate from the examination or move the candidate suspected of cheating to a position in the test center that is away from other examinees or where the candidate may be more closely observed. The board or its representatives may require a candidate suspected of cheating, or a candidate who may have observed cheating, to respond to board inquiry. The board may schedule a hearing to determine the validity of the charge of cheating.
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