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PDFWAC 392-700-195

Longitudinal performance goals.

(1) Longitudinal performance data for the program and the statewide reengagement system as a whole will be reported through the Washington's P-20 (preschool to postsecondary and workforce) longitudinal data system maintained by the ERDC.
(2) The district, tribal compact school, or charter school will work with the agency or college to collect and report student data requested by the ERDC in order to accomplish the longitudinal follow-up of reengagement students.
(3) At the end of each school year, the ERDC will identify the cohort of students for each program for whom longitudinal tracking will be done. Standard criteria to determine when students will be included in a longitudinal study cohort will be developed by the ERDC, with input from OSPI, the district, the tribal compact school, the charter school, and program representatives and will apply to all programs.
(4) The ERDC will collect longitudinal data for each specific program cohort on an annual basis for five years. The ERDC will work with the OSPI administrator responsible for programs to prepare annual program specific reports for each cohort and an annual system-wide report for the entire reengagement system including data for the cohorts of all programs.
(5) The ERDC and OSPI will work with the district, tribal compact school, or charter school so that the district, tribal compact school, or charter school, and the agency or college will have the opportunity to review data about the program prior to the release of the annual reports in December of each year. The ERDC and OSPI will develop procedures by which the district, tribal compact school, charter school, or agency can provide supplemental information and backup documentation for review and inclusion as it relates to postsecondary or workforce engagement of specific students in the cohort.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.175.010, 28A.175.115. WSR 17-01-125, § 392-700-195, filed 12/20/16, effective 1/20/17. Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.175.100. WSR 15-15-115, § 392-700-195, filed 7/16/15, effective 8/16/15; WSR 13-13-005, § 392-700-195, filed 6/6/13, effective 7/7/13. Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.175.100 and 2010 c 20. WSR 11-17-045, § 392-700-195, filed 8/11/11, effective 9/11/11.]
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