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PDFWAC 392-600-050


A skill center core campus shall submit a plan to the superintendent of public instruction, career and technical education that demonstrates they will meet the following conditions within three years from the date programs begin.
(1) A skill center must serve a minimum of one hundred fifty full-time equivalent students in a minimum of three different programs. A district must partner with an established skill center as a branch campus until the proposed skill center reaches one hundred fifty full-time equivalent students; exemptions include existing skill centers as of the date of formal adoption of skill center rules;
(2) No more than seventy percent of full-time equivalent students served by the skill center consortium may be resident students of the host district, except for single school district skill centers;
(3) The skill center will enter a two year probation period if a skill center is not able to meet enrollment requirements as set forth in this section. During this period, the superintendent of public instruction, career and technical education, will provide guidance and assistance to the skill center to help meet the enrollment requirements. Skill centers unable to meet the enrollment requirements at the end of the two year probation period will begin dissolution procedures as described in WAC 392-600-120;
(4) Skill center academic courses not approved as skill center career and technical education courses shall only report as basic education enrollment;
(5) Exemptions may be granted by OSPI career and technical education for start-up and existing skill centers operating prior to the 2010-11 school year.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.245.030. WSR 10-04-010, ยง 392-600-050, filed 1/22/10, effective 2/22/10.]
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