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PDFWAC 392-600-010


(1) A "skill center" is a regional career and technical education partnership. It is established to provide access to comprehensive, industry-defined career and technical programs of study that prepare students for careers, employment, apprenticeships and postsecondary education. A skill center is operated by a host school district and governed by an administrative council in accordance with an interdistrict cooperative agreement, or as otherwise provided by legislation.
(2) An "interdistrict cooperative agreement" is a joint resolution by the board of directors of all participating school districts designating the host district as the legal applicant.
(3) The "host district" is a member of the skill center cooperative selected to be responsible for the planning, construction, administration, operation and fiscal services of the skill center. A single district forming a skill center is the host district.
(4) The "administrative council" serves as the governing body of the interdistrict cooperative and makes policy for the operation of the skill center. The administrative council is comprised of the superintendent of each member school district where skill center facilities are sited and the applicable college president participating in the cooperative agreement. In the case of a single school district forming an autonomous skill center, the school board of directors shall serve as the administrative council.
(5) The "skill center core campus" is the facility housing a majority of the skill center students enrolled. It is operated by the skill center. The cooperative shall manage and maintain the core campus.
(6) A "single school district skill center" is a single school district with an annual headcount enrollment at or exceeding twelve thousand students in grades nine through twelve that offers skill center programs.
(7) An "emerging skill center" is a new core or branch skill center having an approved application still in the development phase, but not yet offering programs.
(8) A "skill center branch campus" is a common school or higher education facility which provides three or more programs at a location other than the skill center core campus. Each branch campus must be approved by the superintendent of public instruction.
(9) A "skill center satellite program" is a facility or site which provides less than three programs at a location other than the skill center core campus. Each satellite program must be approved by the superintendent of public instruction and shall only be hosted by a core campus. If the satellite program is housed in another skill center's service area, approval by both skill center administrative councils is required.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.245.030. WSR 10-04-010, ยง 392-600-010, filed 1/22/10, effective 2/22/10.]
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