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PDFWAC 392-501-001


The authority for this chapter is RCW 28A.655.065 and 28A.655.061, which direct the superintendent of public instruction to:
(1) Develop and implement eligibility requirements and guidelines for objective alternative assessments for students to demonstrate achievement of state standards in content areas in which the student has not yet met the standard on Washington's high school assessment; and
(2) Develop guidelines and appeal processes for waiving specific requirements in RCW 28A.655.061 pertaining to the certificate of academic achievement and to the certificate of individual achievement for students who:
(a) Transfer to a Washington public school in their junior or senior year with the intent of obtaining a public high school diploma; and
(b) Have special, unavoidable circumstances.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.655.065 and 28A.655.061. WSR 16-20-055, § 392-501-001, filed 9/30/16, effective 10/31/16; WSR 07-13-035, § 392-501-001, filed 6/13/07, effective 7/22/07.]
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