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PDFWAC 392-400-815

Behavior agreements.

(1) General. A school district may enter into behavior agreements with students and parents in response to behavioral violations, including agreements to reduce the length of a suspension conditioned on the participation in treatment services, agreements in lieu of suspension or expulsion, or agreements holding a suspension or expulsion in abeyance.
(2) Policies and procedures. A school district entering into behavior agreements under this section must adopt written policies and procedures authorizing the agreements.
(3) Reengagement meetings and educational services. A school district must ensure that a behavior agreement does not waive a student's opportunity to participate in a reengagement meeting under WAC 392-400-710, or receive educational services as provided under WAC 392-400-610.
(4) Duration. The duration of behavior agreements must not exceed the length of an academic term.
(5) Subsequent behavioral violations. Nothing in this section precludes a school district from administering discipline for behavioral violations that occur after the district enters into an agreement with the student and parents.
(6) Language assistance. The school district must ensure any behavior agreement under this section is provided in a language the student and parents understand, which may require language assistance for students and parents with limited-English proficiency under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.600.015, 28A.600.020 and 28A.600.010 through 28A.600.022, 28A.320.211. WSR 18-16-081, ยง 392-400-815, filed 7/30/18, effective 8/31/18.]
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