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PDFWAC 392-345-025

Application provisions.

For projects utilizing state funding assistance, the host district shall submit a written application to the superintendent of public instruction which shall include but not be limited to the following documents and data:
(1) A joint resolution by the board of directors of all participating school districts which shall:
(a) Confer contractual authority and subsequent ownership on the board of directors in which jurisdiction the school facility is to be located (host district) or, in the event of modernization, the board of directors in which jurisdiction the facility is located (host district);
(b) Designate such board of directors of the host district as the legal applicant. Evidence shall be submitted that the said resolution has been incorporated in the official record of the board of directors of each participating school district; and
(c) Certify that the facility shall be used for the purpose for which it was constructed unless an exception is granted by the superintendent of public instruction.
(2) Copy of contracts(s) between applicant district and participating school districts prepared in accordance with provisions in WAC 392-345-030.
(3) A statement defining the education program or services to be offered and the number and grade level(s) by district of all students to be housed in the proposed new or modernized facility.
(4) A description of the proposed project including size in terms of square feet and the estimated cost of construction including professional services, sales tax, site acquisition and site development.
(5) An area map indicating location of schools within the participating school districts and the location of the proposed new or modernized school facility.
(6) A statement certifying that a separate account has been established into which participating districts make deposits in order to pay for all future minor repair and renovation costs.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.525.020. WSR 10-09-040, § 392-345-025, filed 4/14/10, effective 5/15/10; WSR 06-16-031, amended and recodified as § 392-345-025, filed 7/25/06, effective 8/25/06; WSR 98-19-144, § 180-31-025, filed 9/23/98, effective 10/24/98. Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.47.830. WSR 83-21-068 (Order 13-83), § 180-31-025, filed 10/17/83.]
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