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PDFWAC 392-136A-035

Donation of leave.

An employee may donate annual leave, sick leave, or all or part of a personal holiday to another employee or pool for purposes of the state leave sharing program under the following conditions:
(1) Annual leave.
(a) The leave donor may donate any amount of accrued annual leave provided the donation does not cause the leave donor's annual leave balance to fall below ten days. For the purpose of this section, annual leave does not accrue if the leave donor receives compensation in lieu of accumulating a balance of annual leave.
(b) Employees may not donate excess annual leave that the leave donor would not be able to take because of an approaching date after which the annual leave cannot be used.
(2) Sick leave.
(a) The leave donor must have accrued more than twenty-two days of sick leave.
(b) The leave donor may not donate an amount of sick leave that will result in his or her sick leave account going below twenty-two days.
(3) Personal holiday. An educational service district employee may donate part or all of his or her personal holiday to specific individuals or pool.
(4) All donated leave must be given voluntarily. No employee shall be coerced, threatened, intimated, or financially induced into donating leave.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.400.380. WSR 19-12-013, ยง 392-136A-035, filed 5/24/19, effective 6/24/19.]
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