Chapter 392-125 WAC

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392-125-010Principles of accounting.
392-125-011Basis of budgeting and accounting.
392-125-012Definitions—Revenue, accrual basis expenditures, cash basis expenditures, appropriation, and disbursements.
392-125-014Educational service district fiscal year.
392-125-015Budgets required.
392-125-020Budget preparation, hearing and adoption.
392-125-025Budget approval.
392-125-026July and August 1991 budget.
392-125-027Time schedule for July and August 1991 budget process.
392-125-030Time schedule for fiscal year 1991-1992 budget process and for every fiscal year thereafter.
392-125-035Budget content.
392-125-036Core services funding formula.
392-125-040Overexpending and exceeding the budget.
392-125-045A balanced budget.
392-125-050Termination of appropriations.
392-125-054Budget transfers.
392-125-055Budget extensions.
392-125-060Monthly budget status report.
392-125-065Content of the monthly budget status.
392-125-070Approval of the budget by the superintendent of public instruction.
392-125-080Contractual liability extending beyond end of fiscal period.
392-125-085Financial reports submitted to superintendent of public instruction.
392-125-100Interfund loans—Definition.
392-125-105Interfund loans allowable.
392-125-110Interfund loans—Identification of temporary loans.
392-125-120Interfund loans—Payment of interest.
392-125-130Interfund loans—Full disclosure on financial statements.
392-125-140Interfund loans—Board resolution adopted—Contents.
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