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PDFWAC 391-45-070


(1) A complaint may be amended upon motion made by the complainant if:
(a) The proposed amendment only involves the same parties as the original complaint;
(b) The proposed amendment is timely under any statutory limitation as to new facts;
(c) The subject matter of the proposed amendment is germane to the subject matter of the complaint as originally filed or previously amended; and
(d) Granting the amendment will not cause undue delay of the proceedings.
(2) A motion to amend a complaint is subject to the following limitations:
(a) Before the appointment of an examiner, amendment is freely allowed upon motion;
(b) After the appointment of an examiner but before the opening of a hearing, amendment may be allowed upon motion to the examiner and subject to due process requirements;
(c) After the opening of a hearing, amendment may only be allowed to conform the pleadings to evidence received without objection, upon motion made before the close of the hearing.
(3) If a motion for amendment is denied, the proposed amendment will be processed as a separate case.
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