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PDFWAC 388-850-030

Appeal procedure.

(1) Any agency making application to participate in a county program operated under authority of the act(s), which is dissatisfied with the disposition of its application, or the community board(s) as defined in the act(s) or the community social services board, which is dissatisfied with any aspect of the plan, may appeal for a hearing before the county governing body. The county governing body shall review the appeal and notify the agency or board of its disposition within thirty days after the appeal has been received.
(2) A county which is dissatisfied with the department's disposition of its plan may request an administrative review.
(3) All requests for administrative reviews shall:
(a) Be made in writing to the appropriate program office within the department;
(b) Specify the date of the decision being appealed;
(c) Specify clearly the issue to be resolved by the review;
(d) Be signed by, and include the address of the county or its representative;
(e) Be made within thirty days of notification of the decision which is being appealed.
(4) An administrative review and redetermination shall be provided by the department within thirty days of the submission of the request for review, with written confirmation of the findings and the reasons for the findings to be forwarded to the county as soon as possible.
(5) Any county dissatisfied with the finding of an administrative review or who chooses not to request an administrative review may initiate proceedings pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act (chapter 34.05 RCW).
[WSR 99-19-104, recodified as § 388-850-030, filed 9/20/99, effective 9/20/99. Statutory Authority: Chapters 70.96A and 34.05 RCW and P.L. 102-234. WSR 93-15-013 (Order 3591), § 275-25-040, filed 7/8/93, effective 8/8/93; Order 1142, § 275-25-040, filed 8/12/76.]
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