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PDFWAC 383-07-085

Application format—For applications submitted after the project period.

For applications to be considered by the board for teams that have already implemented their project improvements, teams interested in receiving a TIP award must meet these eligibility criteria:
(1) The report shall be submitted to the productivity board within one year of full implementation of the team's project.
(2) The report must be submitted to the productivity board by the agency with the agency head's approval. The agency head's approval shall be required for the team to be eligible for a TIP award.
(3) An identification of the baseline, against which savings were evaluated at the end of the project period. Teams shall demonstrate to the satisfaction of the board that the team operated at a lower cost or with an increase in revenue with no decrease in the level of services rendered.
(4) The report must also include the following:
(a) A general description of the team and its mission and when the team project was implemented;
(b) Performance measures which quantify the workflow and outcome measures of the team;
(c) The actual net savings and/or revenue derived from the team project and calculations showing how the figures were derived;
(d) Fiscal information pertinent to outcomes;
(e) A list of participating personnel and their Social Security numbers to be used for payment purposes, with special notation of those working less than full time; and
(f) Signatures of agency management authorizing the team's participation in the TIP project, including:
(i) The head of the agency in which the team is located or his or her designee. The agency head may choose to waive the requirement of having other authorizing agency signatures referenced in (f)(ii) through (iv) of this subsection;
(ii) The supervisor/manager of the participating team;
(iii) The appropriate fiscal/budget officer of the agency; and
(iv) Other signatures specified by the agency, such as the personnel manager and division directors.
(5) The report includes final report information, and therefore, shall serve as the only report needed to receive a TIP award. The board shall make the final determination whether to approve the TIP award based on the information provided in the report.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 41.60 RCW. WSR 99-24-092, § 383-07-085, filed 11/30/99, effective 1/1/00.]
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