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PDFWAC 36-12-260


(1) During a contest a second may:
(a) Coach at ringside or in the ring during the break between rounds;
(b) Stop bleeding from cuts;
(c) Reduce swelling;
(d) Provide water or other cooling-down techniques.
(2) No more than four seconds can assist each boxer during a contest.
(3) Seconds shall remain seated during rounds and shall not excessively coach a boxer during rounds.
(4) Before a contest begins, a chief second for each boxer shall be identified for the inspector and the referee.
(5) Seconds shall not enter a ring until the bell indicates the end of a round. Seconds shall leave the ring at the sound of the timekeeper's whistle that is given ten seconds before a round begins. Seconds shall remove all items in the ring and on the ring platform prior to the bell sounding at the beginning of a round.
(6) The chief second shall signal the referee to stop the fight by mounting the ring platform during a round.
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