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PDFWAC 36-12-140

Method of counting over a boxer who is down.

(1) The referee shall give an injured boxer a count of eight when a knockdown occurs. The referee does not have to continue to count if in the referee's opinion a boxer is unable to continue to box. The referee shall resume a count where it was left off if a boxer attempts to rise after being knocked down and goes down again immediately.
(2) When the referee determines a boxer has been knocked down, the referee shall require the boxers to cease boxing during the count. If the boxer rises prior to, or when the count is completed, the referee shall determine whether the boxer's reflexes and condition render it appropriate to continue the contest.
(3) If a boxer does not rise when the count of eight is completed, the referee shall continue the count to ten seconds.
(4) If the boxer being given a count by the referee is down on the canvas of the ring when the referee completes counting to ten seconds, the referee shall wave both arms to indicate that the boxer has been knocked out and shall stop the contest. The referee may raise the hand of the opponent indicating that the opponent has won by a knockout.
(5) The referee's counting of seconds is the official count. However, when a boxer is knocked down, the timekeeper shall assist with starting and maintaining an accurate count by striking the edge of the ring platform once each second with a hammer or other equipment or signaling method.
(6) When a boxer is knocked down, the referee shall direct the opponent to move to the farthest neutral corner of the ring. If the opponent leaves the neutral corner, the referee shall interrupt the count and will not resume the count until the opponent returns to the neutral corner.
(7) If a boxer is knocked down and the referee is still counting when three minutes of a round has elapsed, the bell shall not be sounded until the knocked down boxer rises and the referee indicates that the contest will continue. A boxer cannot be saved by the bell at the end of any round.
(8) If both boxers score simultaneous knockdowns (double knockdown), the referee shall begin a count as in any knockdown. If one contestant does not rise before the count of ten, his opponent shall be declared the winner. If both contestants rise before completion of the count, the bout may continue at the discretion of the referee. If both contestants rise but neither can continue as determined by the referee and/or event physician, the winner will be determined by the scorecards. If both boxers remain down until the count of ten, the bout must be stopped and the decision is a technical draw.
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