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PDFWAC 352-32-252

Off-season senior citizen passFee.

(1) Persons who are senior citizens, are at least sixty-two years of age, and have been residents of Washington state for at least the past three consecutive months will, upon application to the commission, receive an off-season senior citizen pass which entitles the holder's camping party to camp at any camping areas made available by the state parks commission, as well as use of agency mooring facilities, at no cost beyond the charges provided for in subsection (3) of this section, effective October 1st through March 31st, and Sunday through Thursday nights in April as determined by the state parks director and posted. Each such pass will be valid only during one off-season period.
(2) Applications for off-season senior citizen passes will be made on forms prescribed by the commission and shall be accepted only after September 1st for the following off-season period.
(3) There will be a fee for each off-season senior citizen pass. Limited income senior citizen pass holders may purchase the off-season pass at a 50 percent discount. A surcharge equal to the fee for an electrical hookup published by state parks shall be assessed for each night an off-season senior citizen pass holder uses a campsite with an electrical hookup.
(4) Pass holders must be present and show their valid pass and identification upon registration or when requested by any commission employee or representative.
(5) Pass holder discounts shall apply only to those fees in subsections (1) and (3) of this section. Pass holder discounts will not apply to other fees as published by state parks, including but not limited to, extra vehicles, vacation housing, yurts, and cabins.
(6) If a pass holder changes residency to a place outside Washington state during the time period when a pass is valid, the pass becomes invalid and the pass holder shall return the pass to the commission or surrender the pass to a state parks representative.
(7) Any violation of this section is an infraction under chapter 7.84 RCW.
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