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PDFWAC 308-20-090

Student credit for training in a licensed school.

(1) A maximum of 20 students per instructor is required within a licensed school.
(2) Only those hours of instruction a student is given under the direction of a licensed instructor of the licensed school in which the student is enrolled and in the courses listed in WAC 308-20-080 and 308-20-105 or hours earned under WAC 308-20-091 shall be credited toward completion of the course of study required in RCW 18.16.100.
(3) When all of a school's requirements have been met by a student and within 30 days of a student leaving a school, the school shall provide to the student a certified copy of the student's final report.
(4) Students may transfer between the schools and apprenticeship salon/shops licensed under chapter 18.16 RCW and may receive credit toward completion of the curriculum in the new school or apprenticeship salon/shop. In order to enroll a transfer student or apprentice, the new school or apprentice salon/shop shall do the following:
(a) Confirm that the student is available for transfer through the student registration process in a manner and format prescribed by the department;
(b) Evaluate the certified final student report provided by the student or apprentice and compare the report with the new school or apprentice salon/shop curriculum requirements; and
(c) The new school or apprentice salon/shop may accept or reject the final student or apprentice report in part or in total from the previous school or salon/shop and shall prepare a monthly report that documents the amount of instructions being accepted.
(5) Both the transferring and receiving school or salon/shop shall maintain student or apprentice records including the transfer record as required in WAC 308-20-040(4).
(6) Licensed instructors must be physically present where the students are training with the exception of approved online training.
(7) Certified training hours expire three years after the last day of attendance. Any hours earned by a student that are more than three years old are considered by the department to be expired and will not be considered valid towards initial licensure.
(8) Documentation providing evidence of experience as a licensed cosmetologist, hair designer, barber, manicurist, esthetician or master esthetician credited towards instructor training shall be included in the student record as required in WAC 308-20-040(4).
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