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PDFWAC 30-12-035

Conflict of interest in panels and program committees.

(1) The requirements of state ethics laws apply to all panels and program committees, including prohibitions against conflicts of interest, pursuant to chapter 42.52 RCW.
(2) When a member of a panel or program committee will benefit, directly or indirectly, from a grant, project, or other matter before the panel or committee, he/she shall notify the staff convening the panel or committee. Indicators of a conflict include financial or management ties to a specific application, proposal, submission or other matter, such as salary, ownership, hands-on management or directorship by the panelist or a member of the panelist's household or immediate family.
(3) Panel and program committee members who have a conflict of interest must recuse themselves from the decision by taking the following actions:
(a) Recuse himself/herself from panel/committee discussion regarding the specific application, proposal, submission or other matter;
(b) Recuse himself/herself from the panel/committee vote on the specific application, proposal, submission or other matter;
(c) Refrain from attempting to influence the remaining panel/committee members in their discussion and vote regarding the specific application, proposal, submission or other matter.
(4) In a panel/program committee meeting, recusal shall include leaving the room for the discussion and vote on the item with which the panel/committee member has a conflict of interest. The panel/committee members may participate in discussion that leads to preparation of the list of recommendations, including scoring of other applications, nominations, or staff recommendations.
(5) Perceived conflict of interest at a panel/committee meeting.
Any member of the panel/committee who feels that he/she has no prohibited conflict of interest but does have a personal or professional interest which the public might misconstrue in the particular situation, may either voluntarily recuse, as identified above, or disclose the interest to those present and, if there is no objection from anyone present, proceed to discuss and vote on the item. If there is an objection, the panel/committee member shall recuse himself/herself.
(6) Panel recommendations presented to the board for approval shall identify all conflicts of interest stated during the panel process.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 43.46 RCW. WSR 10-23-102, ยง 30-12-035, filed 11/16/10, effective 12/17/10.]
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