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PDFWAC 296-17A-1109

Classification 1109.

1109-00 Automobile or truck towing services, N.O.C.
Applies to establishments engaged in providing towing services for hire to others which are not covered by another classification (N.O.C.). For purposes of this classification "towing services for hire" means, but is not limited to, the towing of disabled vehicles to a shop (that is unrelated to the towing service) for repair, the recovery of repossessed vehicles for others by tow truck, roadside assistance during snow, ice or flooding to recover or free stuck vehicles, and the towing in of disabled vehicles to a secured yard for insurance or law enforcement agencies. It is common for towing companies to also operate a vehicle repair garage or service center in conjunction with the towing service. Auto service centers and repair garages, auto body shops and wrecking yard operations are to be reported separately in the applicable service or repair classification provided that the conditions of the general reporting rules covering the division of worker hours have been met. Tow truck dispatchers who have no other duties may be reported separately in classification 4904 provided that the conditions of the standard exception general reporting rules have been met.
Special note: Towing is common to many classifications. Employers offering towing services should be contacted to verify whether the towing service they provide is only in connection with their auto repair, auto body or wrecking yard (towing service not for hire), or provided as a general service unrelated to their repair garage (towing services for hire). Only towing services for hire are to be assigned to classification 1109. If a business provides both towing services for hire and not for hire, worker hours for drivers and their assistants may be divided between this classification and the applicable repair garage classification provided that the conditions of the general reporting rule covering the division of worker hours has been met. Otherwise, all driver and assistant hours are to be assigned to the highest rated classification applicable to the business.
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