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PDFWAC 296-155-17317

Respiratory protection.

(1) General. You must provide each employee who uses a respirator required by this section with an appropriate respirator that complies with the requirements of this section. Respirators must be used during:
(a) Periods necessary to install or implement feasible engineering and work-practice controls.
(b) Work operations, such as maintenance and repair activities and spray application processes, for which engineering and work-practice controls are not feasible.
(c) Work operations for which feasible engineering and work-practice controls are not yet sufficient to reduce employee exposure to or below the PELs.
(d) Emergencies.
(2) Respirator program. You must develop, implement and maintain a respiratory protection program as required by chapter 296-842 WAC, Respirators, which covers each employee required by this chapter to use a respirator.
(3) Respirator selection.
(a) You must select and provide to employees appropriate respirators as specified in this section and WAC 296-842-13005 in the respirator rule.
(b) An employee who cannot use a negative-pressure respirator must be given the option of using a positive-pressure respirator, or a supplied-air respirator operated in the continuous-flow or pressure-demand mode.
(c) Provide HEPA filters or N-, R-, or P-100 filters for powered air-purifying respirators (PAPRs) and negative-pressure air-purifying respirators.
(d) Provide to employees, for escape, one of the following respirator options:
(i) Any self-contained breathing apparatus with a full facepiece or hood, operated in the positive-pressure or continuous-flow mode
(ii) A full facepiece air-purifying respirator.
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