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PDFWAC 292-100-150

Discovery—Production of documents and use at hearing.

(1) Any materials to be presented at the hearing shall be provided to the executive director and to the opposing party no less than ten days prior to the hearing.
(2) Upon agreement by both parties, additional documentary evidence may be presented at the hearing. The parties shall arrive at the hearing location or make documents available in sufficient time before the time scheduled for the hearing for the purpose of exchanging exhibits to be introduced. When documents are to be offered into evidence at the hearing, the one offering the exhibit shall provide a minimum of ten copies.
(3) If the parties do not reach an agreement on the submission of additional documentary evidence, at the commencement of the hearing the presiding officer shall, after hearing argument, rule on the admissibility of the documents. The proponent of the documents proposed for submission must show good cause why the documents could not be submitted ten days prior to the hearing.
(4) "Good cause" is a substantial reason or legal justification for failing to appear, to act, or respond to an action. To show good cause, the presiding officer must find that a party had a good reason for what they did or did not do, using the provisions of Superior Court Civil Rule 60 as a guideline.
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