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PDFWAC 284-170-440

Provider contractsDispute resolution process.

Except as otherwise required by a specific federal or state statute or regulation governing dispute resolution, no process for the resolution of disputes arising out of a participating provider or facility contract shall be considered fair under RCW 48.43.055 unless the process meets all the provisions of this section.
(1) A dispute resolution process may include an initial informal process but must include a formal process for resolution of all contract disputes.
(2) A carrier may have different types of dispute resolution processes as necessary for specialized concerns such as provider credentialing or as otherwise required by law. For example, disputes over health plan coverage of health care services are subject to the grievance procedures established for covered persons.
(3) Carriers must allow not less than thirty days after the action giving rise to a dispute for providers and facilities to complain and initiate the dispute resolution process.
(4) Carriers may not require alternative dispute resolution to the exclusion of judicial remedies; however, carriers may require alternative dispute resolution prior to judicial remedies.
(5) Carriers must render a decision on provider or facility complaints within a reasonable time for the type of dispute. In the case of billing disputes, the carrier must render a decision within sixty days of the complaint.
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