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PDFWAC 263-12-155

Final decisions and orders after review.

In those cases where a petition for review is granted, the record before the board shall be considered by a panel of at least two of the members of the board, on which not more than one industry and one labor member serve. The chairperson may be a member of any panel. The decision and order of any such panel shall be the decision and order of the board. Every final decision and order rendered by the board shall be in writing and shall contain findings and conclusions as to each contested issue of fact and law, as well as the board's order based thereon. The board shall in all cases render a final decision and order within one hundred and eighty days from the date a petition for review is filed. A copy of the decision and order, including the findings and conclusions, shall be mailed to each party to the appeal and to his or her attorney or representative of record.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 51.52.020. WSR 95-02-065, § 263-12-155, filed 1/3/95, effective 2/3/95; Order 9, § 263-12-155, filed 8/8/75; Order 4, § 263-12-155, filed 6/9/72; General Order 3, Rule 8.6, filed 10/29/65; General Order 2, Rule 8.6, filed 6/12/63; General Order 1, Rule 6.2, filed 3/23/60. Formerly WAC 296-12-155.]
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