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PDFWAC 263-12-097


(1) When an impaired person as defined in chapter 2.42 RCW or a non-English-speaking person as defined in chapter 2.43 RCW is a party or witness in a hearing before the board of industrial insurance appeals, the industrial appeals judge may appoint an interpreter to assist the party or witness throughout the proceeding. Appointment, qualifications, waiver, compensation, visual recording, and ethical standards of interpreters in adjudicative proceedings are governed by the provisions of chapters 2.42 and 2.43 RCW and General Rule provisions GR 11, GR 11.1, and GR 11.2.
(2) The provisions of General Rule 11.3 regarding telephonic interpretation and General Rule 11.4 regarding team interpretation shall not apply to the board's use of interpreters.
(3) The industrial appeals judge shall make a preliminary determination that an interpreter is able to accurately interpret all communication to and from the impaired or non-English-speaking person and that the interpreter is impartial. The interpreter's ability to accurately interpret all communications shall be based upon either (a) certification by the office of the administrator of the courts, or (b) the interpreter's education, certifications, experience, and the interpreter's understanding of the basic vocabulary and procedure involved in the proceeding. The parties or their representatives may question the interpreter as to his or her qualifications or impartiality.
(4) The board of industrial insurance appeals will pay interpreter fees and expenses when the industrial appeals judge has determined the need for interpretive services as set forth in subsection (1). When a party or person for which interpretive services were requested fails to appear at the proceeding, the requesting party or the party's representative may be required to bear the expense of providing the interpreter.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 51.52.020. WSR 21-15-042, § 263-12-097, filed 7/14/21, effective 8/14/21; WSR 06-12-003, § 263-12-097, filed 5/25/06, effective 6/25/06; WSR 00-23-022, § 263-12-097, filed 11/7/00, effective 12/8/00.]
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