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PDFWAC 263-12-085


(1) Firearms and other dangerous weapons are prohibited at all facilities owned, leased, or operated by the board of industrial insurance appeals and in the rooms where the board of industrial insurance appeals is conducting any board-related event.
(a) This prohibition applies to all parties or witnesses at hearings, all board employees, and all other persons present. It does not apply to law enforcement personnel, security personnel, or military personnel, all while engaged in official duties.
(b) As used in this chapter, "firearm and other dangerous weapons" means any device from which a projectile may be fired by an explosive; any simulated firearm operated by gas or compressed air; any electric or other conductive energy device designed to deliver an electronic charge directly or from a missile projectile, except any automatic external defibrillator; sling shot; sand club; metal knuckles; any spring-blade knife; any knife that opens or is ejected by an outward, downward thrust or movement; bow and arrow; crossbow; hunting knife (excluding pocket knives); any explosive device; any object that may reasonably be used to injure or intimidate others; dangerous chemicals, except those chemicals typically used for self-defense; and any other dangerous weapons as defined by chapter 9.41 RCW.
(c) This prohibition does not apply to board employees who have obtained a written exemption from a board member, the chief industrial appeals judge, or the chief of administrative services, which may be issued on a case-by-case basis.
(d) Possession of a valid concealed weapons permit is not a defense to the prohibition in this section.
(e) This prohibition does not apply to lawful firearms or other lawful weapons while confined to private motor vehicles in parking areas at board facilities.
(f) This prohibition does not apply to firearms or other dangerous weapons offered as evidence in a board hearing. However, any party or representative seeking to offer a firearm or dangerous weapon as evidence shall obtain written permission from the hearing judge, in advance of the hearing date, before bringing any such item to the hearing. Any application for permission to offer a firearm or other dangerous weapon shall identify the manner, method, means, and other information explaining how the firearm or weapon will be secured.
(2) Notice that firearms and other dangerous weapons are prohibited shall be posted conspicuously in the waiting area of all board offices and shall be included with every proceeding notice issued by the board.
(3) Any person in possession of a firearm or dangerous weapon at a facility owned, leased, or operated by the board or in rooms being used by the board may be excluded from the facility or room, consistent with the provisions of WAC 263-12-020 (10)(c), and may face any other applicable legal consequences.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 51.52.020. WSR 17-24-121, ยง 263-12-085, filed 12/6/17, effective 1/6/18.]
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