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PDFWAC 246-924-043

Education and experience requirements for licensure.

(1) To obtain a license, applicants must complete:
(a) A doctoral degree program as described in WAC 246-924-046.
(b) A practicum of at least 300 hours as described in WAC 246-924-049; and
(c) An experience requirement consisting of no fewer than two years supervised experience totaling 3000 hours that includes:
(i) A minimum of 1500 hours of supervised experience that must be completed as an internship experience as outlined in WAC 246-924-056.
(ii) The remaining 1500 supervised hours may be obtained through:
(A) A preinternship as described in WAC 246-924-053;
(B) A postdoctoral experience as described in WAC 246-924-059; or
(C) A combination of preinternship and postdoctoral experience.
(2) The order of supervised experience must be graduated from more intensive to less intensive supervision.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.83.50 [18.83.050]. WSR 07-24-093, ยง 246-924-043, filed 12/5/07, effective 9/1/09.]
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