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PDFWAC 246-915-078

Interim permits.

(1) The department, upon approval by the board, will issue an interim permit authorizing an applicant for licensure who meets the minimum qualifications stated in RCW 18.74.030 to practice physical therapy under graduate supervision pending notification of the results of the first licensure examination for which the applicant is eligible. The duration of an interim permit must not exceed six months from the date of issuance.
(2) For purposes of this section, "graduate supervision" means supervision of a holder of an interim permit by a licensed physical therapist who is on the premises at all times. Graduate supervision must include consultation regarding evaluation, treatment plan, treatment program, and progress of each assigned patient at appropriate intervals and be documented by cosignature of notes by the licensed physical therapist. RCW 18.74.012 is not applicable for holders of interim permits.
(3) If the holder of the interim permit fails the NPTE, the permit expires upon notification and is not renewable.
(4) To obtain an interim permit, an applicant shall submit the following:
(a) Evidence of having obtained a physical therapy degree from a board approved school as stated in WAC 246-915-100 and 246-915-105;
(b) A completed physical therapist or physical therapist assistant license application; and
(c) The application fee under WAC 246-915-990 or 246-915-99005.
(5) The applicant shall also submit a completed department-approved interim permit sponsor form that provides:
(a) The name, location and telephone number of his or her place of employment;
(b) The name and license number of his or her supervising physical therapist; and
(c) Written confirmation from the supervising physical therapist attesting that he or she will:
(i) Remain on the premises at all times to provide graduate supervision as specified in RCW 18.74.075;
(ii) Report to the board any change in supervision or any change in location where services are provided within ten business days of the change;
(iii) Ensure that the holder of the interim permit wears identification showing his or her clinical title and role in the facility as a graduate physical therapist or graduate physical therapist assistant; and
(iv) Ensure that the holder of the interim permit ceases practice immediately upon notification of failing the NPTE; or
(v) Ensure that the holder of the interim permit obtains his or her physical therapist or physical therapist assistant license immediately upon notification of having passed the NPTE.
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